August 26, 2008


Here's today's edition of "I'm Pretty Sick Of"

I'm pretty sick of cutesy art that graces album covers, show posters and music videos. You know? Like pastel images of little guys with cute faces doing cutey things? I'm bored of that stuff now. I remember a couple of years ago when every new music video by young hip artists, featured some sort of CG cute thing that would do cute things. Nothing has changed man! Get that outta here with your leftover pototoes brother! I'm no artist, so despite what some guy who says "it only takes one to change the world..." says, I can't do tom-poo about it. I'd like to see more pop art with snarling wolves and thunder bolts, you know? Things that never go out of style. When People Magazine's October 3045 edition comes out and runs a feature written by AuthorTrox4577 called "Trend Thingies Circa 2008 or so", everyone's going to be reminded about how dumb this aesthetic really is. Remember that Butthole Surfers album called Electriclarryland? That cover art ruled. It was a silly face with a pencil through the face's ear with blood all over. Let's go back to that okay?

Look at those google eyes! Oh baby!

Your next dish is called Spaghetti and Meat Hair:

I have a relatively small head. I always have. This isn't really a bad thing at all I guess, but it could stand to be a bit bigger. Now that I'm getting older and my hair is starting to say "fuck you" to my scalp and skipping town, I generally keep my hair shorter than back in my wild university days of leather coats, spiky shoes, cool kneepads, big backpacks, neon belts, and of course, rock n roll hairdos. So basically, my head looks smaller than it ever has. I'm sorry to all the babes out there who were picturing me having a big head and long flowing lion hair. I do still play sports and the guitar, so keep that image of me winning the Superbowl while playing The Star Spangled Banner on a double-neck SG on standby; it could very well happen one day.

What else.....

I don't know


I finally watch episode 1 of The Wire.

It IS gritty!

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