June 28, 2011


Dear Pretzels,

You covered yourself in chocolate? Avoid the tricks. We all wear masks to hide our true forms.

Love yourself.


Thanks to my Honk, my lead researcher for unearthing the above letter for today's edition Cory-spondence. The letter was addressed to a Mr. Uncle Cory, Pretzeldent of Rold Gold Corporation, Mordor, Alabama "Doughville USA". Sender: Unknown.

I like to pick my Cory letters personally, but this week I was too busy rating last week's Sunshine Girls.

I love the human female form so much that I'm not even gay, but I don't really look at Sunshine Girls to get zingy. I prefer to read their profiles, then cross reference their dreams and ambitions against their height, looks and style. I like to think of myself as a talent agency, the Sunshine Girls being my potential clients.

The most common girl is in her early 20's, just over five feet tall, loves the outdoors, dogs, and the Leafs and wants to be an actress/model. Most likely they'll continue to love dogs, the Leafs and the outdoors but most will probably end up being the hottest girl in East Sudbury.

Okay, hold on, I gotta get something off my chest and it's not this great shirt that's just see through enough to prove I have chest hair.

I bought these shoelaces and they keep coming undone. Shoelaces have been around since shoes and shoes have been around almost as long as feet, and in today's world, where flying to outerspace is old news, how in the name of Holy Shit are there still shoelaces that come undone?

If I have to double-knot a shoelace just so it won't come loose, then it seizes to be a shoelace, but rather a peice of reject material that is too ugly to be a Bolo tie and too slippery to be a shoelace. The double knot should only be used as a backup, and is by no means is it a primary knot. High performance athletes use the double knot, knot guys like me whose idea of exercise is wearing a metal watch.

Seriously, do people even test these things? Give me five minutes, a pair of shoes, your brand's laces and a peice of ground and I'll be able to tell you if your laces are fit for sale.

To all the fat cats living off lace money, lighting their their cigars with shoelaces that were lit with money that was lit with a Zippo with a picture of a shoe on it -- I wish nothing but zits for your babies. I wish nothing but interference on your satellite dishes, and nothing but Ringos at your birthday where you demanded your wife get a Beatle perform your favourite Beatles song, which knowing you is probably the widely panned and unreleased "Pinky's Tinky".

June 23, 2011


Marriage doesn't really mean as much as it did back when women needed 24/7 protection from bears and horn dog lumberjacks. I don't feel much pressure to tie the knot because bears are extinct and most lumberjacks are gay.

Plus, who wants to get married? I've seen every episode of Home Improvement and no matter how much marriage advice Tim gained from Wilson, Jill stayed a bitch, Al's wife dies I think and Home Improvement sucks.

I think that was a suitable introduction to this quarter's WIFE NEWS

A 51 year old actor who had minor roles on LOST and The Green Mile, got married to a 16 year old aspiring country singer in Las Vegas. If the guy got a new, younger dick before the wedding it would make this whole thing okay? I wouldn't care if my hypothetical 16 year old son were to marry a 50 year old so long as her vagina wasn't older than 20. Tits don't matter but I doubt a young man would want a pair of old gum drops, you know?

In Indonesia, a group of Muslims have formed an "Obedient Wives Club" where the belief is that wives should cater to their husbands every whim and ensure sexual satisfaction. Around here, we call that "Texas" ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I've never even been to Texas. How about, "The first rule of Obedient Wives Club? I don't know, ask my damn wife".

Hugh Hefner's bride-to-be, Crystal Harris, decided she didn't want to marry him after all. He must've kept that old dick of his.

June 20, 2011


On the weekend I was enjoying a bike ride down one of this city's many paved roadways, when I saw a guy with a regular digital camera taking a picture down an alleyway up ahead. In the few seconds I had before I reached the alley, my mind quickly formulated the most likely scenarios as to why this man was taking a picture:

Scenario 1: Graffiti

Tourists love taking pictures of graffiti in alleyways because in most other cities in the world, what we call "street art" actually takes the form of skywriting. Germany's "The Red Baron" was actually an artist himself before adding guns to his bird, and gained widespread notoriety with popular air tags such as:

"The ground sucks"
"The Baron is airin'"
"Str8 up Ace"
"Sick of $chnitzel"

Scenario 2: Picturesque Alley

Let's talk this one out:

- A lot of movies feature scenes in alleyways where they're portrayed as dark, seedy and dangerous.
- Movies aren't real.
- Therefore, alleys aren't dark, seedy and dangerous.

It's kind of like how the Elephant Man was portrayed as a freak in that movie, but in real life John Merrick was married to nine different women and was rumored to be the influence for every Hugh Grant character.

Scenario 3: Group Shot in Alley

Webster's defines "alleys" as "the toilet between two buildings" and yet that doesn't stop tourists and narcissists from having their pictures taken within.

If you know anything about top notch storytelling, you'll have realized by now that none of the above scenarios are the correct answer. Rather, when I whisked by I looked down the alley and saw this:

I didn't even have to Photoshop that alley-lookin' industrial background, meaning that perhaps bodybuilding alleyway photo shoots featuring amateur photographers is more common than I had originally thought.

The only difference between the above photo and what I actually saw was that the guy in real life had his pants around his ankles.

June 17, 2011


My assistant, Nanny Marie, is currently in Hollywood scoping out the latest trends in tacos and trying to find me a half decent belt. She was enjoying a glass of $300 water at the restaurant in the "H" of the Hollywood sign when she spotted A-Lister Ashton Kutcher having brunch with his talented wife Demi. She texted me the following:

"Ashley Butcher here wif Demo. U wan pic?"

(she knows I collect cell phone pictures of humanity's best)

I responded:

"See if u can steal his shit"

Then, 9 hours later, she sent back:

"Got hiz orginizer wif hiz summa sked. I send it 2 u"

She had it couriered via Porsche's high performance race team, The German Turbos, and I received it a few minutes later. What I'd like to do now is share some of his summer so you'll know what living large is really like.


- wash new toes. doc says dirt can disintegrate skin.
- buy iron socks
- on the 15th - hosting all-you-can-buy diamonds at Cartier. Wear diamonds. Read up on diamonds
- on the 26th - shooting a new Nikon commercial $$$$ :) -- remember to have Donny re-insert soul so cameras pick up my image -- remove soul after and put in bacta-chamber along with Demi's old tits


- hosting July 4th beach party in Malibu - !!! Independence Day!!! (Not christmas, remember?)
- bring bathing suit that can get wet
- Brian said July is luckiest month in the world - bet Nikon cash on July's weather being hot, I think it usually is
- audition on the 11th - Big Ron Howard flick - make sure to have sex with his daughter pre-audition and for god's sake memorize something this time
- PAY MORTGAGE - I guess I still owe that guy money


- Renew SAG membership (poo in an envelope should suffice hahahaha)
- prepare for upcoming 2.5 Men gig - RESEARCH - rent that movie it was based on with Tom Selleck ('Three men and some babies'?)
- Rumer's b-day - maybe she's getting too old for kisses from her old man? buy her some bras I guess
- buy that bird!
- prepare for back to school - hopefully grade 16 will be easier than 15 (there was a crude drawing of a teacher licking an apple)
- renew bowling license

Wow! So interesting. My summer schedule is all "do this do that, eat this, kill that". We can't all be superstars can we? That would make a great epitaph along with a picture of a clown frowning. Do kids even know what clowns are anymore? Is the traditional circus all but extinct? Find out next week on The Big Bang Theory.

June 16, 2011


The other day I decided to order food from Swiss Chalet, the legendary Canadian rotisserie chicken chain whose Chalet Sauce is so good that even a bulimic wouldn't dare barf it. I decided to order online because when I talk to a real life Chalet representative I get flustered and can't stop complimenting them due to their association with the restaurant the Ottawa Sun mistakenly called "finger lickin' good". Once I told a "Swiss Miss" that her voice sounded like what Chalet Sauce tastes like (tangy, spicy, snotty). While on I was elated to discover that their "Dip 'n Win" promotion is on, meaning that not only do I get chicken and shit, but also a chance to win fabulous prizes, like a dirt bike that runs on mashed potatoes with a bun for a seat.

Liv was the first to peal her dip sticker and she won some sort of cheese loaf that's available dine-in only. Date night! We'll have two waters, a free loaf, and as many birthday candles as you can muster. Is it my birthday? Life is so beautiful that everyday should be celebrated.

Then it was my turn. I drank all my sauce before peeling as per Swiss law, and won.........!!!.......???....

A free watch battery replacement.



I'm pretty sure that if I tried just a little bit I could get all my watch batteries for free. All I'd have to do is convince the local time master that I run the score clock at the local rec centre. He'd be so impressed with my dedication to time, that he'd feel obligated. The funny and true thing is that I do get all my watch batteries for free (sort of) -- a while ago I got a battery replaced, paid $20 and now get free watch battery replacements for life thanks to this little card. I think the guy who made up the promotion was about to get fired because when I brought my watch in later on when I needed another new battery, the guy working there looked at my free battery card in puzzlement.

Anyway, this is about as dumb a prize as you can get from a chicken contest. I can understand being excited if I lived in one of those countries where watch batteries cost more than a year's supply of gasoline, but as it happens I live in a country where watches are as common as Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

I wish I could make fun of the details of this prize, but I threw out the prize sticker in exactly 1.1 seconds, a time I recorded using my fully functioning, far from dying watch.

The moral of the story is to be yourself no matter what your gym teacher sticks in you shorts.

June 10, 2011


It's Friday, and you know what that means -- half price appetizers and bottomless milks at Scoopy's and another edition of...


Isn't it stupid that JEOPARDY's concept is simpler than even classic card game "Get the Most Diamonds", but because folk have to answer in the form of a question, everyone's all like "Fresh!". I'd much prefer it if they took their big hook more seriously. Here are some real Jeopardy questions:

Q: Bigfoot

A: What is the 80's third best vehicle

Q: Steve Yzerman

A: Who is the world's sexiest man.

Q: Overalls

A: What is the best choice of clothes for someone who hates shirts but has bad nips.

Q: Computers

A: What is in a robot's brain?

The category for all of those would be "A Teenager's Bedroom"

Final Jeopardy:

Q: Scoopy's
A: Who's got the best fried raisins in town while also offering free dominoes?

On Jeopardy you win money, but on Real Jeopardy you get a copy of Scoopy's 2011 Naked Ladies of The Grill calendar, a pretty nice bracelet and any shoes you want.

There you have it, my resumé.


Seven, it's seven o'clock
the hottest time to rock

lyrics and music by Yours Truly

Featuring the smash hit "Baby, Don't Go Down That Hole".

June 8, 2011


I was at the laundromat the other day, minding my own God-given business, enjoying a good read while the washer cleaned all the pickle stains out of my slacks when I noticed that ALL the dryers were taken. By default, this would make any red-blooded cool dude scream "ah shit" in his head while remaining silent and stoic on the outside, but there was only one other person there doing laundry.


took up all 8 or so dryers -- towels (2) in one, what looked like 3 hankerchiefs in another, etc. etc. so I was extra piffed. I can understand the science behind separating colours and dainties during the wash cycle even though I'm a pretty standard "sexies in one machine, corduroy in the another" type of guy, but when it comes to drying, all clothes are created equal. And if you are crazy enough to separate your drying, do it in the comfort of your own laundromat.

Anyway, to end this story, while this huge Latvian(?) woman was out doing something non-laundry related I removed her two towels from a machine that could hold at least fifty towels and half a tux, and loaded my full arsenal in. She didn't care.

THEN an Asian lady dropped some panties right in front of me, and in the instant I realized it was the toughest moral decision in my life: do I pick them up and be the nice guy? Or do I leave them and be the reasonable guy? Obvisously if this lady were a Kathy Ireland type with the breasts of a teenaged Soleil Moon-Frye I would have picked them up immediately and said "The name's Klein. Calvin Klein. I made you these".

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