June 16, 2011


The other day I decided to order food from Swiss Chalet, the legendary Canadian rotisserie chicken chain whose Chalet Sauce is so good that even a bulimic wouldn't dare barf it. I decided to order online because when I talk to a real life Chalet representative I get flustered and can't stop complimenting them due to their association with the restaurant the Ottawa Sun mistakenly called "finger lickin' good". Once I told a "Swiss Miss" that her voice sounded like what Chalet Sauce tastes like (tangy, spicy, snotty). While on I was elated to discover that their "Dip 'n Win" promotion is on, meaning that not only do I get chicken and shit, but also a chance to win fabulous prizes, like a dirt bike that runs on mashed potatoes with a bun for a seat.

Liv was the first to peal her dip sticker and she won some sort of cheese loaf that's available dine-in only. Date night! We'll have two waters, a free loaf, and as many birthday candles as you can muster. Is it my birthday? Life is so beautiful that everyday should be celebrated.

Then it was my turn. I drank all my sauce before peeling as per Swiss law, and won.........!!!.......???....

A free watch battery replacement.



I'm pretty sure that if I tried just a little bit I could get all my watch batteries for free. All I'd have to do is convince the local time master that I run the score clock at the local rec centre. He'd be so impressed with my dedication to time, that he'd feel obligated. The funny and true thing is that I do get all my watch batteries for free (sort of) -- a while ago I got a battery replaced, paid $20 and now get free watch battery replacements for life thanks to this little card. I think the guy who made up the promotion was about to get fired because when I brought my watch in later on when I needed another new battery, the guy working there looked at my free battery card in puzzlement.

Anyway, this is about as dumb a prize as you can get from a chicken contest. I can understand being excited if I lived in one of those countries where watch batteries cost more than a year's supply of gasoline, but as it happens I live in a country where watches are as common as Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

I wish I could make fun of the details of this prize, but I threw out the prize sticker in exactly 1.1 seconds, a time I recorded using my fully functioning, far from dying watch.

The moral of the story is to be yourself no matter what your gym teacher sticks in you shorts.


cara said...

i've had swiss chalet twice recently and both the dip 'n win prizes were something battery related, but not that. they were like "10% off your next purchase of AAA batteries." or something. no joke. this isn't a PRIZE, dudes!!!!!!

Duke of Spook said...

It's like they found crates of batteries in the basement of their head office and that's what prompted dip n win

Laura said...

i need a new watch battery. can you get it out of the garbage?

Duke of Spook said...

hmmmmmm i guess, there might be some chicken left in there

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