November 1, 2010


My breath smells like chocolate, I keep finding rockets in me bum and I got pumpkins on my feet. This can only mean thing - it's the day after Halloween, which I believe is called Mother's Day in India. You know who told me that? The Headless Oarsman who sculls up and down the Credit River every Devil's Night and just cleans things up as best he can. This year he found a rusty old shopping cart that he's going to turn into a mobile for a children's hospital. We had a great chat over some local, organic fruit.

I spent my Saturday night at Comedy Bar, which was transformed into Comedy Bar with spider webs for the big party. I was really happy with my costume and made it to the top 3 in the night's costume contest, but much like my Fuji Hakayito from a few years back, I felt I didn't get enough respect. Is this dumb of me to be so full of myself? No. I was real from head to toe. The only thing I didn't do was give myself the signature Ricky Vaughn hairdo, mostly because I was wearing a hat the whole time. Plus I didn't feel like looking like an idiot for as long as it would take for my hair to grow back. I was absolutely fine with losing to the always creative Hepburn sisters who for sure had the best 'stumes of the eve:

An Asshole and Dark Helmet, all homemade. If Halloween were the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy Fieri would call these costumes "money".

Here's Liv as old lady from "Grey Gardens", or as the old man dressed as Bruno at the party kept calling her, "Muslim Lady". Surprisingly there was another woman in the same costume and the two became best friends forever.

Lacey, as Queen Elizabeth II

Sarah in an excellent Uhura, and Andy as a Future Shop Employee showing off the iPhone 3GS

Bar owner Popeye cleans up some barf or something while a pig dressed as a human law enforcement officer makes sure no one steals the mop. No one stole the mop.

Scott on the right encounters Bizzaro Superman. But wait! He's smoking so they're both shitheads.

Scott and Vinnie G with some very non-heinous Bill and Ted outfits. A very impressive midriff considering how much beer that guy drinks.

And finally, here's professional pal Nikki who I didn't party with but deserves worldwide accolades for Wayne/Garth.

I'd also like to give a huge shout out to Charleston Chews minis that I sampled at the Laugh Sabbath Halloween show on Sunday. I've been a huge Charleston fan my whole life, but eating one takes 2 hours and really does a number on the teeth. All these problems are solved with these bite-sized bits! Pick some up next time Halloween stops by for brunch.

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