March 16, 2011



I'm not going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year because I think it's in bad taste to celebrate a Saint who drove all the Japanese out of Ireland considering what's been going on. Don't let me stop you from having a good time, especially all you real Irish out there who are excitedly finishing off the last of their Advent Sausages in anticipation of tomorrow's festivities. Deep down in my heart and in my soul I am a teacher and so despite my apprehension I've compiled some tips and tricks to ensure your St. Patrick's day is safe and fun, like having sex with jean jackets on.

Fashion-wise, don't get all huffy puffy, tearing your wardrobes apart looking for green things. Most Irish people dress in greys, tans and blacks to match their souls. The best part about these colours is that they act as a canvas for the barf you're going to spray all over yourself at some point in the night. I recommend experimenting with different coloured drinks -- a bit of green beer, some black Guiness, and maybe a touch of Purple Leprechaun Explosion would make a fine paint.

Not all Irish love to puke, which is why they eat potatoes all day. Irish people are a lot like ducks in that way, and though many an Irish have eaten stones because they look like Nerds candy, most stick to potatoes to aid in digesting and absorbing their breakfast beers. If you don't grow your own potatoes you can find them at your local grocer in the produce section. Look for potatoes that don't have any cobwebs or blood on them and cook them according to package instructions.

When people get drunk and pretend they're Irish, they tend to have sex with one another even though sex was banned in Ireland in 1987. If you're going to have sex with something do it as the Irish do -- in a government-sanctioned procreation kiosk. Since we don't have any in our country and because I made it up, you might want to try having sex in a bush or maybe even ditch. Just pick some place that's bound to be covered in throw-up for an authentic experience and try out an "Irish Condom" while you're at it -- a Guiness soaked U2 CD booklet tied your dong with sheep intestines.

And from the WIDAHIA vault, here is last year's St. Patrick's Day poem, copied and pasted below for your convenience:

A poem for St. Patrick

Oh you green man, your day is here
When lasses and lads drink purple beer

Haha, you're smart, you caught my lie
Now let's all eat some apple pie

What's that? No pie? Not today?
I don't think I get this holiday

This is the one where people chew
And give small gifts to their nephew

They swat at bees and swim all day
While sisters bake their cassoulets

We all wear ties, even the misses
And each give our legs 100 kisses

Don't give me that look you stupid shit
This is St. Patrick's Day, isn't it?

I guess my parents lied to me
Cause we celebrate with pies and bees

Green beer, dumb hats and leprechauns?
I think I'll pass and head to Don's

My dad and me will kiss some legs
And eat St. Patrick's Easter Eggs

And I can't wait until Christmas Day
When we eat a bear and pretend we're gay

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