July 15, 2008


Last weekend I went on "vacation" to my girlfriend's dad's house in Sarnia Ontario along with two of my best friends. If I were to ask you, the reader, what you assumed we did all weekend, you'd probably say something like this:

- BBQ'd
- few board games
- few dvd's
- pastas
- drove around town

You're wrong you GULCH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH

This is what happened:

- swimming
- boating
- BBQ'd
- fries
- jet skis
- Motley Crue concert
- Bocce Ball

I guess that isn't too far off from what you assumed, but come on man, Motley Crue and jet skis. At the show I saw a guy get beat up really bad and then I urged him to "seek medical attention". Instead he went back and got head-butted like a common ram, or that dinosaur that rams with its concrete head.

It was pointed out to me during this weekend that I don't seem to like walking around in bare feet. I can't argue with this. Here are the reasons why:

- Socks are a luxury that most can afford. I don't take socks for granted. Think of this way - would you rather walk around with a shirt or be bare all day long? If you have muscles you probably would want to be bare. But feet don't get muscles right? My feet are probably just as strong as Hulk Hogan's. Feet are the universal equalizer.

- Another reason is because when I was 19 or so, I developed in-grown toe nails. The doctor's orders? "Wear shoes that fit you and keep your toe nails trimmed longer than usual". So I'm walking around with some pretty long toe nails that I don't really want people to be checking out, EVEN THOUGH I have an excuse at the ready.

- When you're at the beach, it's easy to forget that your feet require that same sun protection as the rest of your skin (face, arms, dong if it's out), so I simply wear shoes and socks. I also hate sand. It's not that good unless you're on the silky beaches of the tropics.

- Wearing sandals and flip floppies are annoying and generally uncomfortable. Admittedly, I've started rocking them if I'm close to water and beaches, but as soon as I hit the streets, the shoes are coming on

I'm going to go to the bathroom now probably. I usually find my time in the bathroom to be a time of reflection you know? LET'S POO

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