April 12, 2010


My 28th birthday celebration officially came to a close last weekend, and even though I wasn't excited to get one year closer to being a pruney old idiot who will claim that Jerry Seinfeld was once Earth's greatest entertainer, I had a lot of fun and have accepted my new age with an open mind. Open mind? More like open mouth with which to pour open beers and open face sandwiches then open the window to feel the cool spring breeze and have it fill my open eyes so I cry. <-------------------- SOLID prose.

I don't really eat open face sandwiches because they're more of a pizza than a sandwich, and because I don't eat anything that's misnamed. Same goes for Sweetbreads. "Hot Dogs" get a pass because they're named after a guy I think.


On my birthday day (Thursday day) me and the girl hit the Keg real hard for some crab and steak. I commented on how I feel bad for male servers sometimes because they act so happy at the job but then have to go home and tell their grandmas that they didn't get the part in the Gatorade ad and have to remain sweating it at Canada's most luxurious public steakhouse to which she replies, "you should've joined the banks or the postal service". On Friday we had a party at our house and it was a real fun time. I got a cake from Sarah "Rick" Hillier, a bottle of tequila from Andy "The Decision" Hull, some delightful cupcakes from Cara, with custom flags...

... a copy of Ladybugs, copies of the Hot Shots series and Terminator 1, and the Jersey Club presented me with a beautiful Quebec Nordiques Joe Sakic hockey shirt.

My pajamas for the next three nights, ready to go

The Jersey Club is a concept my friends and I came up with in high school where a group of men are assembled and then every birthday the club chips in and buys the birthday man a jersey. A cousin club, the "Necklace Club" has started with a group of girls we're associated with, and word has it that a BMW club is in the works, featuring Toronto's glitterati, quarterbacked by eTalk's Tanya Kim.

Thanks to Alicia for not only gracing the party with her presence but also for taking the pictures you've been viewing. Here's a brooding group shot:

On Saturday my fam-a-ree took me and my dad for a birthday dinner at local meat spot, "Cowbell" where we supped on flesh, constantly reminding each other how good everything was.

The world didn't really need to know what I did on my 28th birthday, but if I ever kill my wife, suffer amnesia and have to piece everything back together, this might just help.


Highwaisted said...

majorly good times glenn. majorly!

Duke of Spook said...

yeah dude, thanks for coming, real nice party!

rebecca said...

happy elated birthday, man, wish i coulda been there!! and i have a bit of a crush on your girlfriend. just thought you should know in case we're competing for her affections one day.

Duke of Spook said...

I hope it doesn't come down to that, but if it does, may the best human win

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