April 14, 2010


Life would be a lot more interesting if your height changed every time you aged a year. But you don't necessarily grow every time, you may shrink, and then the day you die the math all works out so that you average a very reasonable height. So one year you may live really short, but you're guaranteed to have it even out at some point. Some people live with very little fluctuation and some grow and shrink like crazy. This would make professional sports and the Guinness Book of World Records way more interesting. It would also make you birthday a crazier day than it already is, am I right? Like if you wake up and it's the year you're 6'10, the standard protocol is to immediately contact an NBA franchise for a quick tryout.

The plant world is kind of like this I think. Too bad there aren't any plants that can uproot themselves and walk around a bit. We'd probably give them way more respect than bugs. If a flower took a stroll down a busy city street, everyone would make way for sure. There would be lots of "awwwwwwwwwwws" and "clear the way" and many utterances of "spring is here".


rebecca said...

triffids can walk around! and they have a secret tapping language and they sting your eyes out so WATCH IT!!!!

Duke of Spook said...

ah shit i forgot about them

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