June 25, 2008


Here's a video I made somewhat recently about video games. It was an opportunity to try out the video camera I got for my birthday, and to finally use one of the songs I made back when I used to mess around and make songs.

It's probably better if you know something about video games. Or not. Maybe people who like video games think it's the dumbest thing ever. I like hockey, but if I saw a guy make a stupid fake show about hockey, I wouldn't necessarily like it. I think this blog needs more pictures though. As Marshall McLuhan once said, "Being visual is better dude. TV is visual right guy? Yeah dude." So I'm now going to run a Google image search for, oh I don't know, "Gerry Peabody" and put up the first image that appears.

Now for a smart caption:

Jerry O'Conell's brother Don celebrates his friend Smooth Jacob's Peabody win outside the Chicago Convention Centre in downtown St.Louis

And that's it! Wrapped up! Ready to go! That's it! Ready to go!

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killahmcgillah said...


I am pissing myself with laughter over here.

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