October 7, 2010


I don't think I'm scared of ghosts anymore! I watched a show on the Amityville Horror the other day and when it started I was like "oh shit, no looking in mirrors for me tonight" but by the end of it I was like "if I need to check my butt out, no big deal". If the show hadn't explained why the whole Amityville thing is bullshit, I probably wouldn't be so brave right now. The only really scary part was when they said these psychics were investigating the house and they set up a camera to take pictures automatically and one picture was this one, with scary ghost boy:

And the psychics who were there were like "there were no boys in the house!". But then I read that this picture surfaced two years after the pictures were taken so obviously someone just threw their son in there because you know, "gho$ts".

Here's the thing about aliens and ghosts: why do ghosts only show up indoors and at night? What do they care? If they were real they'd be haunting 24-7. Remember this video I made?

Point proven. And aliens? Same deal! If they're so smart, you'd think they would've figured out day-time probings and spooks by now.

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