February 8, 2010


If you know me, you probably know that I'm not what the media would call a "man's man". I'm terrible at fixing things, I can't fight, I don't like dogs and in the rare event I'm at a strip club I tell all the dancers "you're not fooling me". But I love sports and meat and I own a remote controlled tank, so I'm more of a dude with little boy/old man tendencies.

Last weekend I lived the life of a real man. On Saturday myself and four other humans with balls took to a shooting range to fire real guns at real paper. We shot a 9mm, a .44 magnum and a 12 gauge shotgun with a cool scope. At first I was scared that the recoil would make me fall over allowing the other gents with me to laugh like crazies, but I guess my inner-murderer(?) took over and it turned out fun and informative.

After the range we ate hamburgers and then I watched Project Runway, although it was outside regular business hours so my weekend in the Y-Chromo-zone was still technically intact.

On Sunday I decided to have a few friends over for the annual ritual of viewing football's Super Bowl while eating a lot of poo poo food. My main dish was a beef brisket courtesy of butter advocate, Paula Deen. It was a huge hit and even if a guest didn't get his/her fill of spiced beef, there were several trays of nachos, cookies and chips at the ready. A&W Root Beer also put in another Pro Bowl performance, coming through with sweet creaminess. Beers too. Regular beers. We had those too.

2010 started off real garbage and I was down in the dumps for the first couple of weeks, but since then I've felt pretty good. I have a couple of creative projects in the works and no cats I know have died lately. 2010, year of Glenn, Brian Benben.

Brian Benben, dedicated husband


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