February 19, 2010



I once wore a mohawk for an entire year, but had to get rid of it because no self-respecting blacksmith's apprentice would wear such a 'do.

I used to eat spaghetti through my nose only, but once I ate it with my mouth by accident and got hooked on the taste.

I never won any trophies as a child but I crafted one that placed first in a contest. I received a ribbon and a Toys R Us gift certificate.

I invented the term "Look who's talking". It started as a support group for shy teens and evolved into a global phenomenon.

When the roof of the SkyDome retracts, it's an optical illusion. The buildings around it move.

Oil and gas aren't natural resources in the way you think they are. Scientists send up fake clouds that capture fart gas, then fly them back to a factory in one of the major continents and the fuel is extracted there.

Major Record labels are the Santa Claus of the entertainment business -- they don't really exist buy kids grow up believing they do, offering up cookies and milks in hopes of great returns.

I sold that last one to Moby and it killed at last year's Bonaroo Festival. But seriously, have a safe weekend and start planning next week's lunches TODAY so it's one less thing to worry about. I'm thinking sandwiches, but it's still early, so who knows?

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Rachael said...

pretty sure the kid in the picture is tom hanks' sidekick friend from the movie BIG

ps: word verification: 'fecter'...almost 'felcher'

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