September 13, 2010


First off, I'd like to draw your attention to my new personal website, With the addition of this website to human life, I will probably become very powerful within two months, so if you were planning on getting to know me personally, you'd better do it quick because soon I'll only be friends with royalty and international superstars of stage and screen. Until then I'll remain humble and instruct you to visit the site on your lunch breaks and coffee dates to stay abreast of the silly things I do outside of the bedroom.

The good news (?) is that this blog will remain up and running until I make my first million! How could I possibly stop, I mean this blog is responsible for 15 of the top 30 pop culture moments of the decade as chosen by the readers of SHRIMP Magazine. Let's keep making history!!

The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing right now and film's heaviest and prettiest are in town to make money and have sex with one another. Actually, I'm not sure about that last one, but from what I know about actors, "sex with each other" is as much a part of the biz as flawless breasts and well trimmed beards.

I saw the premiere of FUBAR 2, and it was just a great little time, from hanging out in the alcohol and throw-up drenched line with some pals to watching the ACTUAL movie with Terry and Deaner in attendance. It wasn't as good as FUBAR 1, which isn't anyone's fault but the filmmakers and stars themselves. I had nothing to do with it.

Then, on Friday I went to see the Hottest Band in the World -- KISS for the fourth time during my illustrious career. Now, I know what you're thinking, "I want Spaghetti tonight", well so do I, and KISS put on a great show. Here is what some of us looked like:

I was wearing this new 1989 Joker shirt I got and I was going to team up my face with my shirt and just be the Joker but my beard and moustache hair kind of got in the way and I ended up looking more like John Wayne Gacy, so I added the star and became Paul Stanley. That was a long sentence. Let me summarize:

Joker shirt, joker looks like KISS, I thought it'd be funny, didn't work out, Paul Stanley instead.

On Saturday I went to visit my friends the Polands for a night of retro video games and snacks. Not retro snacks, current snacks, like pizzas and ruffled chips. It was VERY fun and we learned that Super Tennis for Super Nintendo is a very good game and that Little Caesar's Hot and Ready format is truly fantastic.

I could paste these activities into an old LiveJournal from 1999 and they would be historically accurate! I spent a lot of my teen years watching FUBAR, going to KISS concerts and playing video games. Does that mean that I'm a weirdo? No! It means I'm the closest thing to a time traveller this planet has.


Highwaisted said...

congrats on the personalized website guy!!! that's awes!

Duke of Spook said...

Thanks! Next thing I need is a really good fax number

jon said...

awesome! hope to see some good pictures of meatloaf or some other band on your site.

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