September 29, 2010


You guys know me, right? I'm the most reliable friend you have. I'm on time for everything and if I tell you I'm going to lend you a movie I bring it the next day, and even recommend which bonus features to check out. This makes me a valuable member of any social sphere and very well should give me a leg up on today's job market, although my ratio of one job interview a year will tell you otherwise. Sounds like I live a life free of wishing a genie will come out of my Gatorade, right?

Too bad, not true. Being a guy like me means being a guy who sweats the little things because being reliable means you like having your life in perfect order and can't comprehend when others aren't as good as you. When someone throws this order off, it throws your day off, which throws your week off, which may or may not throw you month off. It depends how many buffets you manage to hit.

I think I've touched on this before, but when you're 500 posts deep, it gets tough not to repeat the same things, especially when your life hasn't had much variation, so bear with me and you'll be rewarded at the end.

Take this last month for example. Remember how I rent this little office unit with three other friends so we have a place to write and bring girls to? Recently there was a changing of the guard, with two members leaving and two news coming in. Unfortunately, the two outgoings both lost their keys to the place somehow, and since I inherited the title "Head Office Man", it was my job to get new keys.

The keys aren't the kind you can copy so I had to contact the property manager who kind of looks like an extra Almost Famous. He's a pretty nice guy, but from the first time I talked to him I knew that our reliability quotients were way off. He never answers his phone and rarely calls you back, so for the last couple of weeks I've been leaving him messages while assuring my new office mates that I'm the key to the keys. I was reaching a boiling point, which for me means smiling less, but still, I was miffed big time.

Yesterday the guy finally got the keys and I giant cloud lifted in my head. I think people like me almost welcome these little issues that we care way too much about because the sense of euphoria felt when all is said and done feels so good.

That story wasn't very interesting, but such is the life of a guy who doesn't do extreme sports. Oh! A mouse ate our last bagel the other day! I'm currently trying to kill it.

Here's your treat:

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