September 3, 2010


I may talk a big game, but hey, I admit it, I'm no Baby Einstein. There's a lot of things I don't understand in this world -- racism, coffee machines, Grey's Anatomy, and especially women! But the biggest thing I don't understand is why some people in our city tie panty knots toward the annual airshow at the CNE. I've defended the airshow previously, and will continue to do so every year, until I stop hearing people comlain that a bunch of stunt-doing flying rocket machines with guns attached make a bit of noise for just a few days, once a year.

Since when is this not, at the very least, appreciable.


- Awesome jets that you never get to see regularly, flying around doing stunts
- You don't even need to pay to see them
- Pilots risking their lives to provide an awesome display of physics, technology and human achievement
- The roar of the engines
- The Snowbirds



The only argument people anti-airshow have is the noise, which is the dumbest. Sure, it's loud, but it's the rock n roll, THX, Jurassic Park T-Rex in the theatre kind of loud, the kind of loud that says "LOOK AT WHAT US HUMANS HAVE DONE. WE MADE PLANES WITH JET ENGINES AND SOME OF US ARE TALENTED AND BALLSY ENOUGH TO FLY THEM. ONCE A YEAR WE SHOW YOU WHAT WE CAN DO". Think of something you really think is awesome. Then think of it making some noise. Would that totally deter you from liking it? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I DON'T GET WHY YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AAHHHHHHH IT'S SO FUN, THE AIRSHOW THAT IS.

I bet all the naysayers would tell you "I love watching thunderstorms". I got news for you Bobby Tim - the airshow is a thunderstorm, but instead of rain, super jet planes fall from the sky, then climb back up again and then they do flips. Water doesn't have shit on the airshow. See you next year when I will reiterate these points again.

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