July 21, 2010


Before we pig out, I'd just like to promote our (the boys (my friends (the Polecats (not the weasel kind)))) show on Friday, the second GONG THE SHOW, a great show for anyone, even MILFs and lollygaggers.

Last night I went to a Courvoisier tasting event brought to you by the same viral marketing company that gave me a free Zune that I couldn't even use, and a Carlsberg party that fulfilled the age old desire of 'free beer' and 'branded crap' (we finally got rid of our four Carlsberg ice buckets last week). The idea is that I tell you guys about these products, you buy them and the economy chugs along on its golden rails, while Robin Hood sits in a dirty oak tree, picking his scabs all day.

This event was good because me and my friend Scott had a fair number of Courvoisier based drinks, and we hung out with some friends such as friend Alicia and her friend, who by association is now our friend. Afterwards we had pizza and told ghost stories, which is in my top 5 favourite things to do, just below "fishin'" and just above "babysitting rich kids". The event also featured a guy dressed as Napoleon on stilts, and some strange Dutch-Asian dancers who wiggled a bunch -- sounds like the latest Jerry Bruckheimer film?

So next time you're at the store buying cognac, why not choose COURVOISIER EXCLUSIF? It's brown, it's cognac, Napoleon maybe invented it, and I don't care what kind of cognac you drink.


Highwaisted said...

AND THEN SHE SAID my son died in that lake and you were staying in his roooooooom. oooOOOOooo

Duke of Spook said...

AHHH!!! (great conclusion to a great ghost story)

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