June 8, 2009


On Saturday night we threw a Carlsberg sanctioned event at our downtown compound, featuring the delicious taste of the pride of Denmark - Carlsberg beer.

They provided three 24 packs of beer and some promotional material including some great compact discs!

I don't think I'll ever listen to any of these, so if your birthday is coming up expect to find one of these beauties in your stocking.

On second thought, maybe I'll keep this one because it's just sooooo cool:

Too bad it's not an album called "Canada" by a band called "City Rocks". It's just a bunch of 70's and 80's CanCon. Luckily this is only Volume 1, so we're in store for a lot more hits in the future.

The above is a picture of party goers enjoying the smooth crispness of Carlsberg brand beer. Ryan, who is looking at the camera is upset because he doesn't have a Carlsberg in his hand. After this was taken he said, "I need refreshment and the only way I can get it is with an ice cold Carlsberg." He came to the right place!

Bills fan, new homeowner, future father and film blogger, Greg, enjoys a green beauty. He compared the delcious refreshment to a dip in a glacial lake at the height of summer with the smell of cranberries wafting through the warm air.

Farris told me, "I know what Heaven tastes like now!"

A lengthy debate - Ten things you'd want on a desert island. They agree that Carlsberg is number one. The rest of their lists were all over the map. Carlsberg unites again!

Celebrity farmer, Montreal's Paulo Beenzito poses in front of a Carlsberg facade in my bathroom.

Once the Carlsberg ran out, Mike and Andew laugh in the face of other, less sophisticated beers.

Then Mill Street came and gave us all box hats and we forgot all about Carlsberg!

Coming up this week - a pizza party courtesy of Gino's and a rhubarb festival courtesy of Foodland Ontario. Keep sending in those recipes!


Mrs. Poland said...

Sorry I missed the party Glenn! Growing a human takes more enegery than I thought! Looks like a good time was had by all, I know Greg enjoyed himself!

dj_sports said...


Ok post these on teh f-book guy.

Also a serious laugh goe sto Maureen referring to being pregnant as "growing a human"

The Polands ladies and gents, hilarious class acts

Duke of Spook said...

let's all raise an ice cold Mill Street!

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