June 22, 2009


I'm soooooo hungover from the off tha hook MMVA after party I went to last night at SHOTGUN NIGHTCLUB. I drank gingerale spritzers with Perez Hilton and talked telecommunications with Twilight's Taylor Lautner. Then I danced the Rumba with Brody Jenner 'til the sun came up. WHAT A NIGHT.

In reality I just hung my face out my window. Here was my view:

We were going to go on the roof, but we don't have a ladder because I'm not a fireman and I gave up trying to construct a homemade ladder because I imagined how it would feel to have my spine broke in two. I imagined it wouldn't feel good.

It was a good, solid activity packed weekend. On Friday I played organized softball with the Comedy Bar KFC Big Crunchers and we absolutely dominated. The highlight was the DeLorean parked beside the park that I got to gawk at. I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want one of those.

On Sass-urday (a term I picked up from Fergie when we were pigging out on the free ham sandwiches courtesy of Puddy Toomb's catering) I played the new Ghostbusters game all day long and then hit a BBQ at my friends' house. The highlight was the Bacon Explosion they made:

Bacon, sausage, bacon.

Then Liv and I were off the hipster food hall, "Oddfellows" for my friend Dr. Mel's birthday. It was a delicious feast of mussels and venison burgers, but the other people at our communal table were the loudest rubes ever and we all were like "ooohhhhhh be quie's guy".

Kyle and Cara - Two different people - two different emotions

The birthday girl and her real life husband

I still have that shirt.

Sunday I celebrating Father's Day with my main man, my dad, and we had a ssssick BBQ complete with big steaks, potato salad, asparagus, mushrooms, BBQ'd wings and a key lime pie from Dufflet. We saw a duck and a bunny and a cardinal and a chipmunk in my backyard. Such a good backyard. Memories that will last a lifetime.


highwaisted said...

fantastic bacon thing.

totally good backyard. stoned, it would be even better.

scott said...

There's a big rock in that backyard, can't go wrong.

Duke of Spook said...


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