June 5, 2009


My apartment needs vacuuming more than the 'Octo Mom' needs a clue!



I think Octo Mom represents the latest celebrity. Jon and Kate Plus Eight are pure last year's model - they didn't mean to have 8 kids and a TV show. But Octo Mom totally wanted a million kids to make money and it's working! She has her own show! I hate that it all worked out but I must commend her for making it happen.

FART TALK with Tanner "Dingbat" Ploof

Hi campers! Your old pal Dingbat here with all the latest in fart news and philosophy. Check out the above image! It's a picture of me and my son Bingo at this year's Arizona Fart Experience in beautiful Tempe. Bingo won the coveted Cone Hat after ripping a real stinker in D minor that impressed veteran judge Phil Deef. I'm very proud of my son, and now the Ploof family has six generations of Cone Hat winners!

Fart News

Rumour around the Convention is that Pfizer is developing a line of pet suppositories to make them fart more frequently and much louder. The idea is that the treated, farty pets will be used to roam the halls and rooms of children's hospitals all over the world to make them laugh and feel better. It's being developed with the help of Fart Brigade leader Chubby Puft, and Dr. Patch Adams. Here's hopin' this rumour is true!

Fart Philosophy

A fart is a cautious tale - it can bring joy and wonderment and has the ability to entertain - but when it's all said and done, it plain stinks. So take heed! Be cautious of anything too good to be true. For a fart may smell, but the wind will take it away so a new fart can be born...

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