June 18, 2009


Yesterday someone posted a comment asking me if I only like myself and nothing else. The answer is "no" - I like a lot of things like Mini Wheats, olives and Star Wars. Admittedly I was being pretty harsh on those movies, most of which I've never seen. The point of the article was to show how movie posters are all the same these days, but because I'm sensitive and don't respond well to criticism, here's a quick, honest rundown of how I really feel about those movies:

Juno - Seen it. Hate it.
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Haven't seen it. Probably too old to enjoy.
I Love You, Beth Cooper - Haven't seen it. Saw preview and decided I hated it.
Away We Go - Planning on seeing it.
Adventureland - Seen it. Enjoyed it.
The 40 Year Old Virgin - Seen it. Enjoyed it.
Semi Pro - Seen enough to not like it.
Knocked Up - Seen it, enjoyed it.
The Hangover - Haven't seen it, assume it's overrated.
Extract - Real high hopes.

So not that different than what I posted yesterday really. See? I do like things other than myself. I like myself. I've been taught to do so and now I'm sharing that glee with the world. On that note, more about me:

The other night I had a crAzY sequence of dreams. When I woke up I tried to jot down as much as I could remember. I know listening to other people's dreams can be boring, but I've got space to fill and you don't have anything to do until lunch.


- concert with Green Day playing Can covers, Ramones, sean cullen were there, at comedy bar/school gym. I was in floating chair eating ice cream

- at intermission to park, go to this guys basement off the park, we try to get out but guy blocks the exit with his van, can't get through the back door because basement is sucking us back in somehow, guys come back with two corpses

- Now in California fishing. Then scavenger hunt with Dave, find the treasure on a hill, dave is now Method man. Win some records with video game music on them. Then I nap beside biggie smalls, and awoken by riots breaking out, everyone tries to escape, spirits floating around, the queen disapears from our money and my mom says it's beautiful, we go on trial and sentenced to work, my brother bails, eminem is the main war criminal, sentenced to a giant balloon in the sky, he goes crazy, we sneak him youtube, then jason lee and this other guy flew some jet fighters around town


In the future when time travel is commonplace you'll be able to go on all these historical tours and you'll get dress up. Like if you go back to Woodstock you have to dress like a hippie. And if you die on one of these trips a team like in Men in Black come and dispose of your body.

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