June 3, 2009


I hope you watched Hotbox last night, but if you didn't you can watch tons of clips on the Comedy Network website. And don't give me any excuses like, "Sorry boss, I don't have the Internet," because I know you do. You're always on there looking for rare pictures of the cast of "Night Court" and simple, affordable recipes that use snow peas.

I feel the content around here has suffered a bit lately and I think it's because I haven't really been doing all that much with my time. Because the theme of this thing is about me and what I do and how I do it, the lack of good stuff makes sense.

Don't get me wrong, I've been doing stuff. I don't lie in the tub all day with a newspaper over my face eating corn chips with my pruned hands. I just haven't been doing anything very interesting that's worth telling you about. Actually, if I had been sitting in the tub for days, you'd probably want to hear about that. I'd have so much time to think that I'd be telling you all sorts of theories about pets and outer space and big clothes and stuff.

Anyway, here's a good example of a standard day: Yesterday morning I went to the Sick Kids farmer's market and bought some muffins and then I went home, made lunch and sat around. I didn't encounter any weirdos or see any celebs during this time, hence no exciting narrative. My evenings are spent watching TV and writing TV and my mornings are mostly spent preparing mentally for a day of soul sucking employment.

Even weekends are suffering! This is because I haven't been drinking as much as usual because alcohol seems to really take its toll on me these days. I think I'm slowly making a comeback though. In any case, I truly believe that alcohol does make things more fun and if anyone disagrees they're either a recovering alcoholic or they just don't know how to party. You don't need alcohol to have a good time, but you're way more likely to have cool fun when drinking than if you're not. It's all about the percentages.

Here's a quick snippet of LiveJournal history from August 16, 2001:

We suddenly found ourselves beside Choclair and we saw that Saukrates had stolen one of our seven up's that we had brought in but told to put down.

That was when Jon and I were on MuchMusic's "Da Mix" once.


edgarnow said...

oh disagree disagree. Alcohol is the conquerors poison. Inhibiting the ability to see joy and destroying minds for centuries. Now envogue? Not for me.

Duke of Spook said...

I don't disagree with that. I think it depends on how you want to party.

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