June 25, 2009


I was searching for a suitable post for "THIS DAY IN LIVEJOURNAL HISTORY" because I can't think of anything to write about other than rich garbage men and the hot temperatures our city is experiencing, which is being covered thoroughly by our local media.


I couldn't really find any good June LiveJournal stories for you, except one from 2001 that I'll retell quickly instead of re-posting because it was real cruddy in its original form.

June 23, 2001

I went to a high school full of kids with wealthy parents, and many of these kids were allowed to drive their parents' luxury vehicles to school. This guy we knew sometimes drove a Jaguar and the licence plate read "THA JAG". Being mischievous, silly and borderline homophobic, we took it upon ourselves one day to alter the "J" to an "F" using paper, a blue marker and some tape. I can't remember how long it took him to realize or if he made it out of the parking lot before someone showed him, but regardless it was a nice late high school prank type gag that nicely sums up the experiences my friends and I had while there. I mean the prank itself, not the content of said prank. That word was more commonly accepted then even though we probably shouldn't have used it so much. I'm sorry if you're crying.

End of memory

Another memory that popped into my head recently is when my friends and I were playing Monopoly one day and we started playing the way we thought professional Monopoly players would play. When someone was taking too long with their turn, someone else yelled out, "FUCKIN' DICE!" which is what we imagined the pros would say when another player is being a slow idiot. Next time you play a turn based board contest, try using the term and let everyone know who's boss.

I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy the preceding reminisces. I know some people think stories are boring if they're not in them, but I couldn't help it because I'm like the guy in the Jim Henson show who likes telling stories - the guy with the talking doggy. I think Jim Henson was a really big part of my childhood and is one of the greatest of all time, so when you're out at the bull fights tonight with a senorita on your arm, raise your bowl of paella to the air and salute tha O.G. Puppet Master - James "Jim" Henson:

Can you guess which one he is??

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highwaisted said...

this post was hilarious. yer funny. that prank was funny. i wonder if that jag was one of mybrother's friend's jag's though. probably. hahaha

i will use fuckin' dice next time i play monopoly, which i hope is never. that game is so long and boring!

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