June 26, 2009


Let's forget about celebrities dying for a second. That stuff is all over our fair Internet. You deserve a break this weekend -

First, you're going to get in one of these:

Then you're going to crank up the stereo and enjoy the smooth sounds of:

When you get hungry you're going to reach back to the cooler you brought for a bag of:

And then make a stop to use this thing:

After which you stop at the side of the road to pick up:

Who steal the rest of your:

Because you fell asleep playing:

They escaped out the window using:

But you forget all about the whole ordeal because you brought along:

And time flies before you reach:

Party up!

When I was in grade 2 or something, I knew this kid who's dad worked for Pepsi-Frito Lay. They lived in this huge house that was always stocked with Pepsi and chips and they had the coolest stuff like skateboards and a Crocodile Mile. The funny thing is that if I knew someone who had all that stuff in present day, the 27 year old me would still be excited about the aforementioned amenities. "Times change. Values don't" - GMC Truck


scott said...

When I was in Grade 2 or something, some kid in my class' dad worked for Sega. He came in a talked about Sonic 2 and gave us all Sonic 2 t-shirts.

Duke of Spook said...

I remember that! I was so jealous

cara said...

oh man. i was so jealous of kids with the crocodile mile, or any type of slip 'n slide device. for some reason we never had one, and i thought my life would be ten times better if we did.

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