June 1, 2009


MOVIE REVIEW - Drag Me To Hell

The film "Drag Me To Hell" was a part of my weekend entertainment package and provided spooky scares and frightening laughs. If you like to be scared and jumpy and if you're one of those ladies who is in love with current heartthrob and computer salesman Justin Long then I think you'll enjoy this. If you're a man and you're in love with Alison Lohman then you'll like it too because she's the star of the whole thing. The three Spanish people sitting in front of us really got a kick out of this one! But if you have no money because you can't stop buying mangoes, this clip is pretty much what the movie is like:

Why would Zac Efron waste his time with that bird Vanessa Hudgens? She looks like she's 13! He should ditch her and start dating an older woman with some va va voom. I think that would be a good career move.

Put down that piece of hose for a second and take a trip with me:

Picture yourself going back in time to the eighties and hanging out with some teens. One of them says, "Hey wasteoids, when does that new video game cartridge come out?" and you say, "Shit man, where I'm from we can just Google that stuff." Finding out that in the future there's this communications device on a computer called the 'Internet' and the verb used to describe it will be called "googling" would be so awesome for a teen of the past to hear. "Yeah man, you have a question you just type it in and you get a million answers."

I talk about time travel too much. I think I just like the idea of the blowing of minds, and I figure time travel would probably be the thing that would blow someone's mind the most. Here are some other mind blowers:

1) Finding God or something religious like.
2) Finding Atlantis
3) Finding Aliens
4) Finding Sasquatch/Lock Ness Monster
5) Flying

I hope that before I die, I experience one of those things. Imagine Sasquatch decided to leave the forest one day and he just started walking down the street? And he became a celebrity? And he started a really good band? I CAN DREAM CAN'T I??


Livers said...

6) Finding out The Band is (mostly) Canadian.

Now that is some MIND BLOWING SHIT

cara said...

i'd like to see another episode of derrick's video game dimension.

eff said...

i time traveled last night! to 1991!!

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