July 3, 2012


My contact over at CFL Marketing and Communications approached me regarding a league-integrated social media campaign aimed at bringing football awareness to young, connected, tech savvy idea leaders in large urban markets.

I'm extremely happy to announce that I will be contributing to the campaign starting today with a new feature called "Tuesday Evening Place Kicker" where I look back at the past few days and discuss while adhering to the CFL's content integration policies. I think this is a big win for both the league and blogosphere across Canada and I hope you enjoy the new feature as much as CFL fans enjoy a late game rouge on 3rd down.

The Canadian Football League and McCain Foods present...

Tuesday Evening Place Kicker

Pride Weekend/Anderson Cooper

In Argos country it was a huge weekend for the LGBT community with the city's annual Pride celebrations taking place. The weather was as beautiful as a tight spiral out of the soft, creamy hands of a young Doug Flutie, and though I didn't attend this year's festivities, I'm sure everyone had a lot of safe, greasy, topless fun.

It's a damn shame that high school football coach and Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford chose not to attend, but his people have confirmed that he will be at this year's Grey Cup at the Rogers Centre even though his daughter is getting married that day. He even agreed to be the Mustard Marshall during the French's Halftime Celebration with performances by Treble Charger featuring Anne Murray and magic from The Fantastic Horace Fantastic.

Adding fuel to the Pride weekend party was news that popular CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper finally admitted to the public that he is homosexual. The cool thing about this revelation is that we can officially start calling him "The Silverback Gayrilla" based on his signature silver hair and tendency to order bamboo at New York's hottest restaurants.

Spain are Repeat Euro Cup Champions

It's too bad this great sporting accomplishment was overshadowed by Week 1 of the 2012 CFL season, or as we call it in our country "Canadian Easter" because it also falls on Canada's birthday weekend. If John A. MacDonald were still alive, he'd have an erection stretching from St. John's to Victoria, meaning his balls would be tickling New Brunswick.

Poor ratings for the soccer event definitely raised questions as to the future of the sport in Canada and whether or not the CFL should've adjusted the schedule to accommodate the fledgling tournament. I also  heard that many fans at Wimbledon left some high profile matches on Friday to take to the pub where they were broadcasting Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton.

I was actually in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood on Sunday during the soccer game and it was great seeing so many CFL fans dressed in Argo blue waving red, white and green flags that presumably represent blood, sportsmanship and the environment, the three Pillars of Excellence found in the league's mission statement.

There are currently no plans to move this year's Olympics, which of course take place during some pivotal mid-season match-ups, but the IOC is aware of the conflict and is considering providing real-time updates to athletes and attendees via leaflet dropped from zeppelin over the streets of London.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

I can't remember feeling this empty since the CFL lost the Ottawa Renegades in 2006 leaving a gaping hole in our captial's sports scene. I don't have confirmation on this, but there are rumours that Tom likes the Blue Bombers while Katie pledges allegiance to Rider Nation.

Anyway, I think most of us saw this coming because Hollywood relationships seldom last, especially ones between a true Thetan and some small town hussy with decent hair, know what I mean? 

By the way, a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by Lord Hubbard can be found as an insert within every CFL game day program during the 2012 season!

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