June 20, 2012


!!!!!!!!!*Mid-Week Madness¡¡¡¡¡¡

Sorry, I apologize, there won't be any Mid-Week Madness today. I tried write an exceptionally mad Mid-Week Madness last week but I couldn't quite find the madness in my own life. There was going to be the usual mix of fun, games, poems and photos of itty bitty creatures that would have you skipping into your late week compulsories, ready for the weekend freestyle, but to no avail. I tried again today but it's hard to get mad when you have a case of the mid-week blahs and blues. So instead, here's a very straight-forward, rational treatise on the Myth of Mid-Week Madness.

The Myth of Mid-Week Madness

Groundbreaking weekday analyst, Dr. Charlie Pins, famously postulated that one's week can be easily be imagined as fishing village on the coast of a large sea. The week begins on Sunday, which in our imagined world is your boat (it can be any boat, who cares?) leaving port headed for an island surrounded by gigantic fish that taste like meatballs when cooked properly. A real cash crop, you know?

Heading out to the island takes time. The first day at sea (Monday) is lonely and frustrating because the shallow waters just offshore are teeming with big sharks and the kind of eels that suck shit. By the time day 2 of the voyage rolls around, you're already tired of the whole expedition and even though you're getting closer to the island, you still can't see it on the horizon.

Day 3. You reach the fishing grounds around the island. You know it's going to be hard work but soon you'll get to turn the boat around and head home to your wife and 16 scorpions. You fill the boat up with fresh fish and even manage to score with some island natives who don't believe in monogamy.

Even though you simply go back the way you came, and you've done the trip a hundred times, the experience is different in a positive way. Your boat, belly and ears are full, and the same sharks you encountered on the way there are in a good mood and giving little monkeys rides before they're eaten.

Before you know it you're back home and the whole tribe celebrates by huffing a hallucinogenic coconut gas called the natives call Striped Cheese, based on what the gas makes your face look like. It also turns trees into blockbuster movies and old huts into really good basements.

Anyway, to assign a certain 'madness' to a mid-week or in our example, mid-fishing trip is simply not rational, if we view time as being abstract.

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I'm getting it!&&&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The madness is setting in!!


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