June 28, 2012


I used to do this fun feature called "This Day in LiveJournal History" where I'd post a LiveJournal entry from my younger days then either scrutinize my former self or look back fondly on my naivete. Now that this 'journal' has entered its 4th year or so, I can start doing the same thing only with these posts, get it? This will also give new readers the opportunity to experience some classic articles without wasting their recess scrolling through everything, while is waiting, just bursting at the seams with all things big and small screen. So, gather your belongings, go find your friend who has the best and crispest computer, bring along so Nibs to chew, and load up this brand new feature called...

"This Day in WIDAHIA History"

From June 28th, 2010, I gave readers an eyewitness account of the G20 riots here in Toronto.That was when world leaders from 20 raDiCal countries gathered in Southern Ontario to talk about money and whether or not seagulls could be turned into an affordable, nutritious jerky. Some citizens of Toronto took this as an opportunity to politely walk the streets with signs talking about how poor everyone is, while others took it as an opportunity to dress like Raiders fans, light cars on fire and smash the windows of banks and successful retail chains. The police couldn't handle it so they started arresting anyone with a backpack and a fondness for quinoa, and locking them up in an old movie studio that served plain cheese sandwiches and from what I hear, some pretty decent, yet scarce water.

Hindsight is 20. 20!

Looking back on that weekend I don't feel any different about what went down because I had nothing to do with any of it. In fact, I remember frequently switching my support between the police and the protestors probably because my old man is Head of Bushes at Greenpeace, while my mom is a Jedi. Just joking, I'm just neutral all the time because if you support something too much it probably means there's a bunch of people on the other side who hate you and don't invite you to their banquets.

The other day I saw this bike riding guy wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt that said "Fuck Cars" on the front and on the back there were McDonald's logos but instead of McDonald's it said "McDollars". I don't want to stereotype this human statement but I'd imagine he was ass-deep in G20.  I got thinking that even had the police not turned into a bunch of 'pre-vacation Buzz from Home Alones', the protest wouldn't have done anything to change that guy's shirt. Because I feel I'm getting too political it's time for the THURSDAY THICKET.

In the the thicket today I found:

An old soother attached to a chain that was wrapped around a tree that had had an arrow pointing up carved into its trunk that pointed to a large bird's nest that contained a bunch of fresh chicks. I guess this is the beginning of hunting season.

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