September 29, 2008


For today's things, I thought I'd make use of the name of this weblog because I can't think of anything else to say, other than - "TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN"

What I did

This past weekend I did a few things. On Saturday I went to the Eaton Centre to get my watch fixed. The guy told me it'd take an hour, which made me feel bad because it meant that I had to kill an hour at the Eaton Centre, which was a hive of youth and commerce. I bought a book, looked for a shirt and bought a Gatorade and a bag of Tootsie Pops. I like going to the mall because it's like a snapshot of culture at any given time. The kids seem to like Apple Computers and clothes from Hollister. I could sit outside that store for hours and watch the ridiculousness ensue. I guess it's kind of like what the GAP was like when I was a boy. Was it? I didn't buy any, I just had Leafs shirts and sweatpants, but people bought that stuff right? I bought a No Fear shirt once because I thought it was cool. I was right. No one ever picked on me again.

I also listened to a guy talk to his girlfriend or friend about clothes. He was about my age probably and was saying how he wanted to buy more casual dress pants instead of straight up dress pants. His reasons? Comfort and style. Then he seemed insecure about the white shirt he had just bought. I think it's kinda funny that he was at the mall shopping and that's all he wanted to talk about. It's like if you went to a baseball game and all you did was talk about baseball. I guess that isn't too weird. Let me know!

At this time I was sitting on a leather bench eating a Tootsie Pop, killing the remaining 15 minutes of my watch repair wait time. Istarted to imagine a group of teens looking at me and thinking I was some sort of perv because I was just sitting there enjoying a lollipop and staring into space, and my beard is really shaggy these days. I had a response at the ready - "I'm just sittin' here man! Enjoying a Tootsie. You ever had one of these? The best kid, the best." But I was fine. No one picked on me.

If I looked up from where I was sitting I could see a giant Anne Hathaway ad for Lancome or something staring me right in the face. I thought it'd be funny if you saw a guy come into the Eaton Centre with a Thermos of coffee, plop himself down were I was sitting and gaze at that ad all day long.

My next stop was American Apparel because I needed two plain coloured shirts for the Star Trek convention later that night. I don't like shopping there because the staff makes you feel like you don't belong. They're kind of dicks too. The staff totally flirted and engaged with this hot girl in front of me in line, but when I got up there they barely gave me the time of day and told me I should get a new bank card because mine is more cracked than Amy Winehouse on a Saturday night! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYEAH. I made that joke, not the cashier. Good huh?

The Star Trek thing went okay. It was tough trying to please both the big time fans who know everything and the others who were there for the bands who didn't know much at all. I don't know much at all actually. Basics man, basics.

We had to do another show right after and decided to wear our Trek outfits on the street. We thought we were the biggest weirdos until we passed by a guy dressed as a pirate. Like a really good pirate. I think his hat was leather. There's no way a pirate convention was in town that night and Halloween is a ways a away, so I'm fairly certain that was a real pirate.

When we got to Comedy Bar we realized we left our Jet Fighter outfits at the convention so we had to do another Star Trek set, only this time our audience was full of people who didn't give two shits about it. All things considered, it went okay.

On Sunday I went outside once and spent most of the day participating in online fantasy hockey drafts.

How I am

Not bad. How are you feeling?

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