September 25, 2008


I own this pair of corduroy pants right? I wear them to work at least once or twice a week because they're comfortable and they don't wrinkle. But they're on their last legs I'm afraid. I've already sewed a hole in the crotch shut, and now the hole is starting to come back. I draw the line at two crotch holes. There's something mildly pathetic about sewing a crotch twice. If I went on What Not To Wear and we got talking about my pants and I explained that I sewed them twice, it would go a little something like this...

"Yeah I love these pants, but I've had to sew this hole shut twice," I said.
"Well why don't you just buy new ones!?" screamed Stacey.
"They make you look like a homeless woodsman," joked Clinton.
"A homeless woodsman who doesn't know how to sew!" further joked Stacey.
"Shut up. I'm going to spend this $5,000 on cotton candy and bandanas," I yelped.

I always hate when they refer to 'pants' as 'a pant'. What's going on here? Have I been wrong my whole life, calling 'a pant' 'pants'? If 'pants' is right, then wouldn't that mean that a skirt is technically a pant? You combine two skirts you get pants right? I think Stacey and Clinton might be right because no one calls a skirt a pant. Does anyone actually have an answer for this?

I decided today to replace the old boys with a new pair of skirts. I went to Kensington Market where the corduroy flows like wine, but I couldn't find any that combined fit and style the way I like. On the way home I stopped in at H&M to see what they had. They didn't have any corduroy, but I did end up buying a pair of brown slacks that I thought were alright. Now I don't really like them. They're too long and slippery. Plus, why didn't I just get black ones? Everything goes with black. What the hell was the I thinking? SHIT. I swear 80% of all pants I've bought over the last few years I haven't ended up liking when I get home. Is that something that girls do all the time?

Whatever, I'm just going to deal with it. If need be I'll get them hemmed and perhaps I'll visit some boutiques to find some proper tops. Just kidding I wont!


Anyone remember this video or this song or both or just one or both? I used to watch MuchMusic all the time and I remember this one being really catchy. I don't think I like it anymore. I don't agree with YouTube user "shoeman2008" when he says "i wish there was more country / rap / hip hop mix ups ... the few times that it has been done { like mix a lot for example } it has been pretty cool". I disagree shoeman. You know when people say they like every kind of music but country, and it you're like "everyone says that"? It's true though. Country music isn't very good. It's at this point in the country music debate that I usually bring up a quote from Butthead from his show Beavis and Butthead when he says, "Whatever happened to country music about whiskey drinking and ass kicking?" That sums it up for me!

That's a pretty nice little personal entry. I think you've learned more about me from that. The pieces are coming together fairly nicely. Coming up I'll cover what kind of chairs I like sitting in and what kind of backpacks I like for general city life - the truth is, you don't need anything very elaborate. I've said too much already! Don't get me started, me! Straps, zippers, reflectors, cell phone pouches...eregdaskdjfkja I can't stop.... headphone things, askdhfasjd;fasd


highwaisted said...

what not to wear is the worst show ever. maybe its because im not their target or maybe its because a) i dress well b) i know how to dress c) i don't work in a bank d) im not obsessed with the gap, jacob, banana republic, any other lame boring business casual freindly store, but for real WTF is wrong with some individuality. I agree they do change some people for the better, but fuck does everyone need to wear a nice pant with a classic shirt that ties around your waist to show that you actually have a waste and a good heel that makes your calves look better? woh this comment got much longer then i had originally intended.

return those brown pants and get black ones. or go to the levi's store and splurge on a pair of new cords. those brown pants will never get the wear you were hoping for.

highwaisted said...

haha i just located at least 5 spelling and grammer errors in that comment.

Duke of Spook said...

Perhaps you're right. I think I'll wear them a couple more times and then see how I feel. I don't what I was thinking! You don;t have to iron cords! I gotta iron these new ones! AHHHHHH

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