September 26, 2008


Does this look scArY????? A couple of days ago I told you about this spider I know called Spiderman 2. I haven't seen it in a couple of days, but its web continues to dominate these little flies. If I were another spider and I came across this, I'd go "Holy shit! So much meat!"
And what the hell are these flies thinking? They're so stupid man. Talk about an unfair advantage. A spider is programmed to make this awesome, beautiful, sticky web of terror and all the fly knows how to do is fly around, eat shit and get stuck in it (webs, not shit), completely oblivious to the fact that its brothers and sisters are dying all over it. I can't quite think of a suitable human equivalent, but I guess it's sort of like how bears have claws and we don't, right?
Here's some technology information:
I found the following site via, which is a good place for a laugh and a beer. Not a real beer, a fake one you make up in your head. Mine's called 'Tasty Springs Real Down Home Lager - It's Beer'.
Play around with THAT for a while. Send one to your dad and tell him that you hate his lamb chops, or send one to your teacher and tell her to keep it up! If you read this before you clicked on it you're all confused now aren't you? Meanwhile, all of us in the know are having a damn ball.
It's Friday, so I hope you're all happy. On Saturday my comedy duo 'Jet Fighter Pilots' will be performing at the Tranzac's 2nd annual Star Trek Festicon at the Tranzac Club on Brunswick. Starting at 8pm there's going to be some sssssick bands and comedians doing Star Trek themed things. Event of the Spring. Guaranteed.

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