September 4, 2008


I was trying to think of a food to put in the title of this entry, and the first three that came to mind were "cheese", "chicken" and "gravy". I talk about that stuff too much around here so I went with Baby Bel, the delicious little cheese that comes in cool nets. Imagine McGuyver was sponsored by Baby Bel and every episode he used the wax and the nets in his inventions but he NEVER used the cheese? He always eats it even if it could be used and when he's done eating he looks at the camera and says "I never waste my Baby Bel".

Does anyone remember the song from Spaceballs that was like "SPACEBALLS do do do do do" (download here that sounds like Peter Gabriel's "Big Time"? Every time I log into Facebook, I sing "Face Balls!" to the tune of the Spaceballs song. EVERY TIME. Here's a fun question: what do you sing when you log into your favourite websites? Let me know and I'll send you a plant.

A lot of blogs are by people who watch a lot of TV and then complain about it all day long. I watch a fair bit myself but I don't talk about it much. The other night I tried watching the new 90210 and it was as bad as YOUR attitude when I asked you to steal Penelope Cruz's bra that time we all went to Spain for that cool and colourful carnival, remember?

Basically the show took all the bad parts of the OC and all the bad parts of Degrassi and combined them into one horrible stew of undercooked beef and vegetables and with little to no seasoning. The writing was trite and the acting was wooden, although the two Canadians in the cast were actually pretty good. The only way this show will survive is if they somehow convince the entire old cast to come back and have them solve a murder mystery on a remote island and maybe they form some sort of tiki band and the Beach Boys show up and play with them but then a water bear eats the beach boys and the water bear ends up being Luke Perry's long lost baseball coach. THERE. I SOLVED YOUR PROBLEM SHOW. I didn't pay attention to the second half of the show because I was writing the last blog entry which deserves the Emmy for best writing (drama or variety show).


The McDLT. When I was a kid and we went to McDonalds, my dad always got this guy, so I always considered it an adult burger. It was so dumb! It was just a burger but it had lettuce and tomato. Bacon wasn't introduced by McDonalds until like 5 years ago, and yet it remains the most popular burger outfit in the world. The big gimmick was that the customer was to assemble the burger themselves by putting the "hot side" on the "cold side". Here you go:

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