September 10, 2008


What a sunny day today! What a sunny day!

A few weeks ago me and the gang made a silly video and today I uploaded it to the Internet. So here it is:

It features one of my favourite songs, "The Neutron Dance" by the Pointer Sisters. It reminds me of my mom doing aerobics in the living room, even though I don't think she even used this song. She jived to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. If I were going to do aerobics, I'd do the Neutron Dance all day long. I'd drink plenty of fluids and eat TONS of bananas because they give you power. Imagine scientists discovered that grass was the best thing humans could eat and all of sudden everyone started eating it? Suburban yards became million dollar crops and if you were to look out the window you'd see people on their hands and knees eating grass? No one would dare mow!

My new place doesn't have laundry facilities so I made sure that washed all my clothes at my old house before I moved. The only problem is that I left them in the washing machine too long and now all my clothes smell sour. BACKFIRED. They're also all wrinkly and if you were to ask anyone who knows me what I hate doing the most they'd say:

"I don't know. He hates.... I don't know... country music? Lamb chops? Rubber bands?"

That's wrong dad!

I hate ironing!

It's one of those things where I know that wrinkly clothes look dumb, but I just don't care. There's also a small piece of me that believes one day the wrinkled look will be in and I'll be able to say I was on the cutting edge. I've thought about buying some new clothes but I hate boutiques and everything is so expensive. Instead I think I'll save up for a nice, big, orange, full, daring, lucky, vivid, lusty painting or something like that.


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