September 15, 2009


The real highlight of Sunday night's MTV Music Video Awards for me was Buzz Aldrin. He was on the pre-show to give out the award for best new group or something and it took him 10 minutes to get through the list, which he read like a true grampa, adding a nice little piece of antithesis to the whole ordeal. There's a video on the MTV website, but Canadians can't watch it because we must be too real. Check out this red carpet interview I found somewhere instead:

Where were you the first time you saw the moonwalk?
The dance move? You mean the walking backwards? It must have been in Houston.

Did you instantly try it yourself?
No way. I like to move forward!

Do you have a favorite Michael Jackson video?
The Thriller from Manila. Oh no, that was somebody else.

I didn't make that up, seriously, this guy is the funniest old man since the guy who invented "bloopers".

Did you know that Buzz Aldrin's mother's maiden name is "Moon"? If you don't find that quirky and interesting then I hate a lot about you.

Names can be a really great source of amusement. Next time you're at a fair or a festival and you see one of those booths run by weirdos whose business is family trees for some reason, don't throw apples at them, but buy them a ginger beer and listen to them because names can be as neat as mummies.


I always thought it strange that Steve Yzerman and Paul Ysebaert not only played pro hockey, and not only at the same time, but on the same team as well. Same goes for Dave Andreychuck and Dale Hawerchuk. Serendipitous!

The Canadian Football Leauge is a wealth of funny names. My favourite is a guy on the Blue Bombers named "Tom Canada" who you'd think would be a national treasure. In reality he's a surfer dude from California. That's just mother nature comedy, the purest kind.

More recently I noticed physical similarities between former football coach Jon GRUden and former ball player and lifelong hair all-star, Kelly GRUber:

Okay so they're not too similar, and any similarity is probably due to the Norse blood running through their competitive veins, but we've had a lot of fun, right? Gruber is the guy on the left by the way, not the icy babe nor the wolf dude.

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