September 29, 2009


On Sunday my dad, brother and I took our hind quarters to Rainbow cinemas for a screening of the new Trailer Park Boys film. I love those guys (both my family boys and the "boys"), but this new movie was kind of not good, especially considering it's their big sendoff. The best part was seeing a movie at Rainbow cinemas, whose pre-show entertainment included several poems about gardening.

I see Bubbles and Trinity, but I can't figure out why Tony Iommi is there.

In terms of the actual movie, they used the word "fucky" too much, and to echo the sentiment of those who hate bagels, there was a big part in the middle that was boring and pointless. That being said, Jim Lahey's shtick of being a "drunk bastard" never gets tiring, nor does Bubbles talking about cats. There was plenty of that, so my six dollar ticket didn't go entirely to waste. Good crowd, too -- so key to an ideal viewing environment -- no farts, no phones, no babies.

The last little while I've talked about autumn way too much. It's probably because when one has nothing to talk about, the first thing they resort to is the weather, thus I've exposed myself as someone who doesn't have anything to say. The other sure sign is talking about poo because it's always around. Guilty again. I gotta start fresh.

This week is catered to my likes - The NHL season is beginning on Thursday and I have Friday off. By that logic, if I stayed home all day and surround myself with hockey I'd be a 100% happy man. It's like Communism though, because in reality that wouldn't work -- I'd get so bored and I'd start talking like "hey there boys, I hear Gillsie drank 14 beer last night and got right fucked eh?"

Oh man. Before I keep elaborating on a fantasy world where I don't work and watch ice sports all day, I just wanted to say that on the weekend me and my friends watched the craziest episode of Fight Quest yet! They learned the Israeli martial art that the Zohan does I think, and by "learned" I mean they got beaten to a bloody pulp over and over again. The fighting style was developed by Jews as means to fight off Nazis in the streets. Common moves include dick kicks and eye gouges. If I had the choice between fighting a lion and fighting a Zohan, I'd probably choose the lion because there's the outside chance it'll be a nice cat or maybe a wise guy like Aslan, the Jesus lion.


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scott said...

I was pleasantly surprised by Rainbow Cinemas. It was cheap, and it seems like you could avoid crowds pretty nicely. It's somewhat shitiness amused me, whether it was the wall paintings, or early 90's 'Coming Attractions'/'Feature Presentation' screens. And the gardening poems of course.

I wouldn't take it over seeing something in IMAX or anything, but I'd consider it in the future for non-spectacle films.

Anonymous said...

last time I went to rainvow my friend and I walked out of the theatre to see the lobby swarmed with cops. apparently there was a gunman loose in the cinema.
likely just wanted to see Maid in Manhattan.

Duke of Spook said...

Yikes!! Or "awesome!" depending on your POV

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