September 9, 2009


I hate to break it to you "beach bums", but summer is pretty much over. Kids are back to school, bears are eating a lot of fish and honey, and Halloween has kicked off in retail outlets around the world. Thanks to the magic of the brain, and the phenomenon of "memory" I will now briefly reflect on the summer of 2009 in Toronto as it applied to me.

His favourite is DEFINITELY the one whose butt is pressing against his abdomen.

If summer '08 taught me anything, it's that weather in June, July and August is by no means obligated to be fantastic. I spent the majority of last fall, winter and spring (cold, cold and wet, cold and damp respectively) licking my chops and practicing various sports serves in preparation for summer '09, which statistically couldn't be any worse than its predecessor.

But just after summer officially started in late June, our outside workers union decided to go on strike because a bunch of rich garbage men got pissed that the mayor was threatening to make them slightly less rich, even though all they do all day is toss around the worst stuff that no one wants.

That means the other half will not be any better than standing on a ferry for 10 minutes.

The strike ended in late July, which didn't really matter at all because in a cruel twist of fate it pretty much rained all the time anyway. Explaining all this might be dumb because I think most of you are from around here. I'm having trouble with this entry man. It's Tuesday night and going back to work after a wonderful weekend is tougher than leather hats. Let's conclude:

I didn't let the bad weather and trash filled streets figuratively dampen my spirits. The theme of this summer can be summed up with our cottage '09 motto of "dip while the dippin' is good". I tried to make use of every sunny day and ended up with good outdoor experiences, including tennis matches, swims and raisin roasts . I think the only think I didn't really do was camp, which isn't too bad because camping is really just vintage sleeping. Total throwbacks guy.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I debut my new fall schedule, with flagship entertainment news program...
We play a couple named The Sandwiches and we go to events like the Calgary Stampede.

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scott said...

Sounds like we had exactly opposite summers. While you played lots of sports and were outdoors and didn't camp, I did almost nothing strenuous and went camping once.

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