September 21, 2009


I remember at the beginning of second year university I got this HUGE zit that was big enough that I had to visit the pharmacy to get cream. Every September since I swear I get zits bad guaranteed. Not as bad as the original throbber, but still, bad enough that I'm like "it's September, time for fall harvest and for zitties." So if you see me in September and I'm pizza'd, don't believe that I'm like that all the time -- I just got a case of the autumn dots.

You wouldn't think it's autumn though, right Paul? Sunshine, heat, convertibles, it's a regular July out there. Unfortunately, since August ended I stopped thinking summer, thus my weekends haven't been that interesting. This one was good though.

Friday I went to a dance party that apparently got really good right after I left. The same thing happens when I go to the circus. I leave because it's all clowns and then I get outside the venue and hear dirt bikes and lion roars. That ain't true, but neither are clowns.

On Saturday me and some friends watched a homemade James Bond movie that our school's film club made in grade 12, featuring a large chunk of our class. It looks like a porno and is filled with questionable acting, but is great to see. It's like when your grandpa urges slide shows of old trips while all you want to do is play the Spirograph in his basement because it's the only toy around for miles. So we're the grandpas now pretty much.

On Sunday my friend Wes hosted a $5 backyard brunch at his house, and it was tasty, scenic and friendly -- my favourite attributes. I took photos this time:

This was huevos rancheros but I ate all of it and it was so good. The bees got at it after even though there were flowers everywhere. Eggs don't make honey you idiots.

Liv got pancakes with sour cherries and homemade cheese. The only homemade cheese I make is "farts"

I always wanted a beard since I was a kid and now I take it for granted.

What a neck!

Wes' garden
where our food was grown

Then I performed at Laugh Sabbath's Loner Show and it was a really fun night of jokers and audiences. I played a silly man named Alan Ruxpin who wrote a dumb book. Picture that!

Work is a drag today, right? Go play Game Boy in the bathroom. No one can say anything. The bathroom is like a country with no laws. Every does their thing and no one talks about it, unless you get in there with a friend and you're both lettin' rip in stalls beside each other. Toilet talk big time.

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