January 6, 2009


I've been sitting in my bathtub for the last 4 days pondering physics, films from 1988 and careers. I figure that a guy can take one of three paths:

1. You somehow find a job you ACTUALLY enjoy doing and do it for the rest of your life.
2. You jump from job to job aimlessly, enjoy them for a bit and then move on again and again.
3. You get a job you can stand and in your free time you have hobbies and passions that keep life interesting.

Right now I'm maintaining a solid number 3, which I've always been weary of because I was always taught that a career is important and saving money is important and thinking about the future is important. Lately I've come around to the idea of flying by the seat of your pants because I've realized that at this point in history (economic downturn, no peace in the Middle East) I'm lucky to even have a job that pays me enough to live just fine. I can buy hamburgers whenever I want and if I need new socks I don't sweat it. It's also because I have a lot of fun doing extra-curricular activities like comedy and plays and stuff. Take this play I'm doing now for example. Take it! It's been really fun, you know? I'll take some pictures tonight for your eyeballs. Realistically, I can't make a career out of it, but it kind of fits into the whole "you only live once" mentality that I'm a big fan of. Not 100% though. That would mean I'd have to skydive and eat cow shlongs and that sort of thing. I'm not thrill seaker, but I don't like wasting opportunites. I think my friends taught me that - if an opportunity presents itself, always say yes even if it's scary. I don't mean like go to a haunted house scary, but like go on stage and do a stupid bit or take a job somewhere strange or go out on a date with a weirdo. Harmless things.

You know what's kind of dumb about Madonna? You probably do I'm sure. But I noticed one thing yesterday that bothered me, specifically that song "Human Nature". It came out in 1995 when we all knew what Madonna was all about and how she always does sex things that make people freak out, right? So if you were to ask me or anyone else in 1995 what Madonna's creed would be you'd say something like:

"Hmmmm probably something like 'Express yourself, don't repress yourself' maybe?"

Then that song comes out and she just outright says it. No duh Madonna. We know what you're all about. Do something else. I realize it's petty criticizing 1995 Madonna, but it dawned on me how non-artistic it is to just come right out and say what you're all about instead of letting people figure it out for themselves. It's like if Marilyn Manson made a song and the lyrics were "Be different and don't be happy!" Get it? Do you get what I'm saying? I feel like a real artist wouldn't have to make their message so obvious. I heard a guy on TV say that musicians who make it huge are successful business people and not successful musicians. I agree. Madonna is totally like that. So is Marilyn Manson and so are the Pussycat Dolls. Their first thought isn't "is this song good?" but rather "is this song going to sell". This is getting too preachy. I don't like when people talk like this so I'll stop. Shall we discuss poo some more?

NAHHHHHHH not today, because it's snowing!!!!! My favourite part of a big snow storm is seeing what people wear on their feet. There's nothing as amusing as seeing a woman wearing heels trying to walk through snow and slush. How do you think you are, Liz Hurley? Dianne Warwick? Vanna White? No one cares about your feet. In fact, reasonable hunks out there would consider that a turn off I hope. It's a sure sign of a moron. Get some damn boots and be happy! Your feet will thank you and be as pristine as mine are (no callouses, smooth like silk).


highwaisted said...

good post. i ACTUALLY found a job i love after being #2 for a few years actually. so i say give yourself a little time. you'll find it.

also, i totally friggin agree with the chicks with high heels in a snow storm. i literally just went for a walk to check that scene out. hilariousness. for free!

Duke of Spook said...

Thanks A Dogg!

Whenever I pass one of those chickies I make an effort to laugh so they know what's up.

Esme Q said...

That was a great post! I have been stalking for awhile, so I figured I would actually comment and say hello and that you are funny. and critiquing 1995 madonna is awesome.

Duke of Spook said...

Thanks! I'm glad we all agree on 1995 Madonna. I was scared you guys wouldn't know what I was talking about. It would've been okay if it was her first song ever. Kid Rock got away with it. So did Snoop Dogg.

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