January 9, 2009


We did the final and ultimate performance of Double Double Land Land last night to much success! It was a packed house and people got turned away at the door so that's a good sign. We tried to fool everyone by setting up a fake wedding next door at Xpace and then at the end of the play you can hear music coming through the walls and then the whole wedding party comes in and crashes the play. People bought it I'm pretty sure. TRICKED.

I remember after we did this thing called "Godzilla The Musical" in grade 12 our teacher told us that we'd get depressed when it was all over because that's what happens after you do a play. I guess it has something to do with spending all this time with people and working at something and then it's over in a snap. So it stinks that it's all over now because I don't really have any projects going on and doing the play was really fun to do. It was also a nice distraction from work. Here's another distraction:

Enough hoity toity BS right!? Enough blah blah blah heyheyheys!

I guess now my New Year has officially begun. I want this year to be the slowest of all time so I can get to a place where I want to be and still be 26. This is still toity isn't it. Do I have any amusing observations? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Been on the streetcar lately? What a crowd.

I saw that movie 'MILK'. I almost cried at the end but I kept it together. This woman behind me didn't fare so well. She was sniffin' like a hound dog in a ham factory <----today's zing zang. I think that's a movie worth watching and it's really stupid knowing that there hasn't been much progress in the Gay Rights category since all that went down. Or maybe there has. Has there? Are you gay? How do you feel? Are you cool? Satisfied? Probably not. Not even Barack Obama supports gay marriage and he's the world's number one guy right now. Number two guy? Lil Wayne is pretty popular these days....

In literary news, my exploration of the classics continues with "The Great Gatsby". A lot of people I talked to said they tried to read it but couldn't get past the first 20 pages. I understand, but once you get past that stuff it gets reallllllllly good. YOU CAN'T ARGUE WITH THE CLASSICS. That would be a good name for an autobiography. The only hard part about reading the classics is trying to picture the characters in 1920 or whatever year it is they were birthed in. I usually tend to modernize things in my head and I think a timeless classic allows one to do so. Has there ever been a romantic comedy loosely based on Gatsby? I'll bet there has. And I bet it was utter doo doo. Maybemaybemaybe.

Have a fuckin bodacious weekend everyone. I'm planning on relaxing and maybe buying things. This cold that was sneaking up my ass seems to have mostly retreated from whence it came. Speaking of 'whence it came' I want to watch Lord of the Rings RIGHT NOW. What an adventure! What a story!

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