January 19, 2009


I thought last weekend (the last couple of days) was going to be a bit of a party weekend, but thanks to snow and a lazy, carefree attitude, I mostly just sat around and watched movies and played video games. Here's a good SOLID recap complete with two pictures!

Friday night I watched Jurassic Park. That movie is really ccoooooooolll. It's that dinosaur picture, remember?

Saturday I went to the Double Double Land Land (that play I did) art exhibit at Gallery TPW. Please go see it. It's on for the next few weeks I think. I don't even care if you don't like it, but you might as well try. Remember when you TRIED to ride a bike when you were a kid and you did it and now you can ride a bike whenever? If there's a nuclear Apocalypse and there's no gas anywhere and bikes are valuable and rare and there's these tough guy bike gangs around you can be one of those guys because you can ride a bike. And that's why you should go see this exhibit. Here are two snaps of what you can expect to see:

Beats an episode of that sitcom you watch, right?

Try walkin' up these!

After that Liv and I went to my parent's house for a lovely dinner. I said hi to my cat!

Then I watched Howard Stern's "Private Parts". I keep meaning to write a Howard Stern entry and how funny I think he is, but I don't think you want to hear it. There's nothing really more to say about that. He's funny. Trust me. That's all. No entry needed. Are you going to debate me on this? Later man, later.

Sunday I played floor hockey and we lost, but I think I had four goals. If they gave out chocolate bars for goals, I'd have four bars. If they gave out milk for scoring goals I'd have 4 cups of milk. That's not that much milk really. THEEEEENNNNNNN I was asked to video tape Sunday Night Live at Comedy Bar. I had a dream last night that I messed it up and everyone wanted to break my fingers. As if. Those guys are my friends!

And that folks, is the weekend wrap up. Relatively speaking, it wasn't as lazy as I made it out to be, but I'm hard on myself. That's what wins championships. You have to be hard on yourself. Don't be a pussy to yourself. Be a dick to yourself. An understanding dick. Sort of like an older brother. He may make you drink out of the toilet and try out dangerous wrestling moves on you, but at the end of the day he still buys you cool birthday presents and will show you your first porno.

I have a special treat! Back toward the beginning of university I had a Livejournal, which is a goldmine of late teen angst and stuff like that. So every now and then I'll go back and pick some embarrassing entries and using the 'paste' function I'll 'paste' them here and make fun of myself. Remember what I said? Be a dick to yourself! Tomorrow, I'll paste in the scariest and coolest story I have and analyze it like one of those guys on the NFL on Fox:

This guy knows how to move the football in a football environment. You have. to. have. a guy. on your football team who can move the football like this. That's what wins football games.

It'll be exactly the same, but instead of football, I guess I'll say, I don't know, "friends"??? Okay, so I can't analyze the story like a football man. I'll just like, say things like "those were the days".

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