January 6, 2009


Yesterday's tirade was a touch self-indulgent. For that I apologize. Were you really that interested in my not-so-interesting and incomplete history of musicianship? I omitted the parts about when I took piano lessons and when I played clarinet in grade 7 and 8. Why? Because it's not rock n roll brother. I wish I knew how to play a horn. I'm a BIG horn fan. And if you put bongos and congos in your music I'll like it right away no matter what.


The other day I was watching Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour or whatever it's called and at some point they ended up at Notre Dame because Vince Vaughn was in Rudy (a heart warming tale about a small man who tries football) and I found out that it's in Indiana! My whole life I though Notre Dame was in Boston or the surrounding area. How naive of me! I really wish life were full of these moments. Too bad we all know everything.

I honestly think the funniest thing in the world is when someone goes their whole life without knowing something that everyone else in the world knows. Back in the old days me and my friends wrote this bit where the old man has somehow avoided Halloween his whole life and then one Halloween people come trick or treating and he thinks it's the end of the world. It's also funny if someone does something one way their whole life only to find out that most people do the same thing a completely different way. When I first started writing comedic shorts, I think most of my ideas were along those lines. Do you get it? Sorry, I don't really have an example. I guess it would be like if someone spent their whole life sitting on a toilet backwards and then sees someone doing it the right way and is like "hahahahah you poo like that?" and then the normal guy goes "Like what?" and then they talk and weird guy has his mind exploded. I guess what I'm trying to say is that our minds aren't blown too much anymore no thanks to the damn internet. My girlfriend's mind was blown a little while ago when she found out that The Band is mostly Canadian. Big deal!


Is that better? That was more of an opinion piece exploring our relationship with modern technology and how it affects social structure. Worthy of Wikipedia! But seriously, that Vince Vaughn documentary was pretty garbage. I don't really have a problem with Rudy, except it's pretty in your face - NEVER GIVE UP. That's it! I'm also sad to report that I'm done The Wire. People keep telling you to watch it right? You should. The special features show a bunch of people who worked on the show and they all compare it to Dickens and Shakespeare. I disagree but it still totally rules. I'd compare it to ice cold beers, Christmas mornings, pay raises and chocolate covered things. One of the best ever that's for sure.

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