January 13, 2009


Can we talk about my new background for a second??? Fish hooks! HA. Great moments in fish hooks:

Home Alone - Kevin McAllister refers to making ornaments out of Peter McAllister's fish hooks. His old fish hooks? No, those had dried worm guts on them.

Seinfeld - Fish hook used in conjunction with rod to fish marble rye up to the Ross' apartment.

Little Rascals The Motion Picture - Buckwheat and Porky get their fish hooks caught and they do this funny leaning thing, remember?

That's all I can think of off the top of my brain.

Last night I went to Trampoline Hall because a couple of my friends were giving lectures and supporting friends when they do things is something we should all do because doing things are scary sometimes and familiar faces make doing things more buttery smooth. Anyhow, this evening was strange and magical for the following reasons:

The gist of the night is that 3 people go up on stage and lecture on a topic they're not an expert on. My friend Mel gave an interesting talk on conspiracy theories that tickled cochlea and stimulated the cerebral cortices across the room. Then things got neat for me: The next guy did a talk on finding his identity which hit close to home because with the new year I've been attempting to accept my life path and stop comparing myself to others around me in order to form my own identity. So the guy touched on these sorts of things I've been pondering and I was like "COOL STUFF". Thhhhhhhhhen my friend Wes got up and talked about "coincidences" which was CRAZY because it was a coincidence that that other guy talked about something that had I'd been thinking about. So eventually I freaked out, ran away and smoked 9 packs of cigarettes while looking at the stars. I didn't do that. But it was strange to be talking about coincidences and how they're kind of bullshit because odds are they're going to happen every so often no matter what while I was sitting there being all like "The universe is a magical place alallalalalalallalalalal magic forces at work!"

A question came up about why we enjoy coincidences and for me it's because I really like thinking that magic and wonder exists as it exists in literature and film etc. It sort of ties into how I check the news all the time hoping that aliens have visited. Know what I'm saying? I don't think I need to elaborate here. Do you want me to? If so, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to my offices here in Studio City, California. I feel so unlucky that I grew up without Internet. This next generation of kids is going to be different. I remember watching an episode of Beakman's World and they taught us how to make candy glass to break over each other's heads, and I rushed to write it all down but didn't get it all so the candy glass turned out like shit. Nowadays you just look it up no problem. Where would I have got that recipe before? I would've went to the library and MAYBE they'd have some sort of book that would tell me, but where would I even begin to look? SEE????? It'd be so frustrating! No more self addressed stamped envelopes my brothers and sisters.

Do you guys agree that my evening was magical?? On top of all that, I had the best sleep I've had in a while. Everything clicked. Nice entry. Comfortable and reflective. Solid dreams about floor hockey and other recent happenings. No interruptions. Great wake up time. 9-10 hours or so. Pure sleeps guy.


cara said...

whoa man, way to copy my idea on blogging about trampoline hall. our thoughts were totally different though, so it's all good.

Duke of Spook said...

what the hell else was I supposed to talk about? When I got home and ate pasta??? BOORRRRRRRINGGGGG

dj_sports said...

I feel like there's a good Ernest moment with fish hooks. Am I right?

Duke of Spook said...

There's a good Ernest moment with snapping turtles? Maybe that's what you're thinking off. Although, I'm sure in the course of 56 movies, he must've done a gag involving fish hooks.

edgarnow said...

Wes always seems to take the truth.. I mean magic, out of things. I think the Cosmic pays him to do it.
(the Cosmic is Darkness)

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