January 8, 2009


We did a showing of our play last night and it was grrrrrrrreat! I can't go into details here because I don't want to spoil the story for those who may go tonight. Here's an article about it:

It starts at 8pm tonight at Gallery TPW, 56 Ossington. First come first serve.

I started to get a cold or a flu or something yesterday and I felt like a poo man all damn day. I was alright for the play and then when I got home I took a Night time extra strength Neo Citran and it took me to dream land. But it was a weird sleep! I kept thinking about the show and I had Buffalo Springfield's "Expecting to Fly" in my head all night long and I still do. Then at 2am I woke up to a guy screaming on the street about how the Rex is the worst bar in the world, and it felt like it was 8am instead. So basically I want to maintain a level of relative healthiness until after the play so I can party hard enough to satisfy myself. You have to party after a play. You just have to.


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