January 29, 2009


Did I ever tell you I went to McMaster University? It's true. I did. What should've been a very memorable and rewarding phase of my life actually turned out to be a big blur and most of the stuff I learned there I've forgotten. My career hasn't exactly been fueled by my degree either, which I figured would be the case but wouldn't admit to myself while I was there. I read something recently that said most artists and creative types have way more education and training than any other group of duders and chickies, but make they end up making the least amount of money. I think this is because there's no middle ground. If you're an artist you're either in the poor house, eating bulk barn walnuts all day or you're stupid rich feeding your pet eagle a bowl of shark fin soup. So it probably all evens out in the end.

Perhaps I learned abstract life skills at university like how to be a man and how to think in a different way. But that stuff doesn't pay the bills, it just makes you worry more. Anyway, here's another Livejournal post from almost exactly four years ago that sums up the frustrations I endured while taking useless film classes
taught by leftist feminist phd wack jobs and surrounded by people I didn't really like that much:

Jan. 27 2005

I'm taking this class called Independent film and video, which sounds really cool right? Yeah it does, that's why I took it. But instead of watching say, Reservoir Dogs or Bottle Rocket, we watch video art from Canadian feminists. Today I watched a film featuring a naked OCAD teacher re-enact a scene from Apocalypse Now. It looked like something we shot in my bloody backyard. So it really sucks bad and I always get really depressed after. I assume this happens at other schools, but it seems to happen a lot to me here at McCRAPster AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Like last year I took this class called Reading Film that was supposed to be about books and the films they were made into. COOL? NOPE. Instead my transgendered teacher turned it into a class about 'chicks with guns' and most classes ended up with debates on whether or not gender is socially constructed. It's like Jose Canseco teaching a math class but he decides that baseball is more interesting so that's what he teaches. I had no problem with feminism before, but now it bothers me as much as neat shirts that don't fit anymore.

I guess I haven't changed all that much since then. I still hate neat shirts that don't fit anymore.

Today I decided to change up my morning routine because lately I've been struggling to get to work on time. The key is to do your morning leisure activities AFTER your compulsories. So today I ate breakfast, made lunch and took a shower BEFORE seeing what the Internet had to say and before writing this thing that I'm writing right now. I've stopped writing these at work because we're getting into busy season and despite my hatred toward my position I'm not a total dick lick when it comes to doing work.

As a companion to yesterday's photo journey, here's a list of websites that I check out a million times during my day at work when there's absolutely nothing to do. This will also help for reference if I get SUPER bored and can't remember what sites I've visited. for all the latest news. This is where I hope to get wind of the alien visit for all the latest sports for movie reference and movie news. for nerd news for cool nerd news to find out which celebrity is fat or on drugs or in trouble with the police or who's pregnant or who's at taco bell to check on my pitiful fantasy sports teams for more celebrity news although I kind of hate it because of its format to be soooooo cooooolll has a couple of flash games I play semi-regularly for recipe ideas so I know Toronto so I know Toronto so I know Toronto duh. It's the best because it always changes. That's why it's so popular I think. This couple has been sending me photos thinking I'm someone else. They also send bad forwards as if they just learned how to use email. I told them to stop and they're interested in my lineage hard hitting emails duh duh

And of course, all the other wonderful blogs that some of you write. You aid in getting me through the day. There's probably a few others, but I probably don't check them that often if I can't remember, you know? Now during the course of the day I'll check most of these sites at least twice. In the case of it's more like a million times. Facebook too.

Okay, it's Thursday and you can smell the sweet scent of the weekend. It smells like marshmallows and bubble bath, right?

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