January 20, 2009


9:41am - CNN claims they're giving me a "front-row seat to history". I should've worn better clothes! My pajama pants have Liberté Mediterranean yogurt stains on them and my shirt is too big.

9:43am - Over at NBC Al Roker stands in a somehow mostly empty parking lot in a city overflowing with people. There are marching band drummers in the background so you can't hear him. The "Inaugural Forecast" is lookin' good!

9:44am - Information on Michelle Obama's church dress surfaces! The designer "has always loved to sew".

Earlier on NBC an African-American reporter asked a white woman in a crowd about the fact that 300 years ago slaves were traded right where they were standing. That's like a Jew asking a modern blond haired German about the Holocaust sort of. How the heck do you answer that question?

9:49am - Obama leaves church in "the safest vehicle in the world":

I wish. Instead it looks like a hearse with cool lights on it.

Don't you wish they could just show us this footage without saying anything so we can absorb it in our own way? I know what's happening here. You don't need to tell me everything about everything. "Hey Glenn you ever heard of the mute button?" I still like the hear the ambiance of the surroundings.

9:54am - Obama enters the White House. It's real close to that church! He greets Bush and Michelle gives Laura a present before a traditional coffee drinking. What's that? You don't believe me?


Wolf Blitzer reminds us that there is a possibility they're drinking hot chocolate or even tea.
What do think the present is? Baked goods? Probably candles. Safe bet.

10:04am - I'm getting kind of bored of this now. There's just too much coverage. It's like when you see a chick naked before you see her with clothes on. It leaves nothing to the imagination. I like all the Obama touques that people are wearing.

10:18am - I made a smoothie.

I always fall for extended coverage. I don't need to be watching this now. All Obama has done so far is go to church and drink coffee. The last 15 minutes has just been shots of celebrities. I'm going to have to leave for work at 12:10 so I'm probably going to miss most of the real deal stuff. I know I promised that cool story, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. More Presidential coverage to follow if I feel like it!!!

1:03pm - I watched the whole thing go down and was ten minutes late for work. Take that economy! I watched the NBC feed and I must say, they did a pretty good job. They didn't talk too much and when they did they had some interesting things to say. Obama was great obviously and I don't think anyone tried to shoot him which is a good start. I don't know how the networks are going to fill the rest of the afternoon, but it'll probably involve reaction from John Cusack, who was spotted in the VIP section, as well as performances from popular recording artists. The speech will be analyzed to death, especially by CNN who usually employs 40-50 analysts who all have something trite to add.


edgarnow said...

wow, thanks for capturing the absurdity of the day. I didn't watch it myself.
I praise the day when the insane stop ruling the earth. If the people celebrating the event are terminally insane, certainly, the one they are celebrating can not be any saner. that's an axiom.

Duke of Spook said...

I think it's more the absurdity of the coverage. There's definitely been a change in the way events and people are reported on and it's like an information overload. I blame the internet. I guess TV has to give us information on everything, or else we'll turn it off and check the internet

edgarnow said...

yeah, the coverage, thats basically what i mean by "the day". the media, which is run by crazy people. i think lots of things have added to the degeneration of things.

they're crazy people!

Duke of Spook said...

They're definitely crazy. I don't know how they can sit there and spit out all the useless facts they do. I guess it's that paycheque that motivates them. That guy The Almighty Buck. A real bastard.

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