January 22, 2009


Hear about that shooting at Osgoode station? It was me! Just kidding. But seriously, I walked by there right before it happened. It's my home station man. Then on my way home from seeing my new doctor (who is so rock solid) I saw all this action at University and Queen and there were all these cameras and my first reaction was "is there a celebrity around? Is Barack here for some reason? Is he taking the subway?" Why did I think that? There were ambulances and cops all over! If I were a better blog man I would've taken dramatic scene photos but instead I went home to make eggs. Should I report on the eggs? Sure!

We only had a mere teaspoon left of butter but I said to myself "Glenn, we're going to make this work". So I lubed the pan with PAM (which I'm generally against) and saved the butter for my toast. A man has to have a plan. I topped everything off with Ready Crisp bacon (which I'm generally against) and ate it all in less than five minutes. Maybe that's why I suffer stomach discomfort. My new physician suggested I experiment with diet and lifestyle changes and see if that works. Ai ai captain! Less biking more swimming, less beer more vodka, less pasta more...rye bread?



Those Subway advertisments with the monkey?

Are those brtual or what?

Before those commercials came out I'd usually eat 1 Subway sub a week.

Since those came out I swear I haven't had one in like 2 months.

I hope someone responsible for them or someone representing Subway Restaurants Ltd. reads this. To ensure they do I'm going to add some keywords so if they're interested in the buzz the ads are generating and they do a Google search, they'll be pointed here. Bear with me.

Fresh, Subway, monkey, eat fresh, lettuce, onions, southwest sauce, chicken bacon ranch, meatballs, bread, footlong, cookies, Miss Vickie's Chips, soft drink, mayonnaise, sub sauce, green hats

There. If you have anything to do with those ads, please pull them immediately so I can get back into Subways subs, a food I've been enjoying guiltlessly for several years now. And bring back the Sub Club please.

Tonight I'm planning on seeing the Notorious BIG movie. Imagine you went to that movie and you were sitting beside a guy who looked EXACTLY like Biggie and he was loving it and eating tons of popcorn and he had a disguise on like a moustache and a cowboy hat and it's ACTUALLY Biggie and he didn't die and he lives in Toronto and works for the Ministry of Transportation or something????? IMAGINE. Stuff like that doesn't happen often enough. Fake deaths and disguises that is. I guess fake deaths are generally frowned upon by law enforcement, the government and families everywhere. And I guess if disguises are really good you wouldn't know they were disguises because that's the point of a disguise, right?

I'll leave it at that today. Tomorrow is Friday and nothing is planned! I was thinking of telling everyone my history of Internet aliases but I feel like it's something only I'll enjoy. But it might come down to that. Let me know what you think in the comments section and also tell me your favourite brand of something that you like. Rolos. I like Rolos. I hate Banana Republic brand boxer shorts. They feel like you're wearing a paper bag.


Livers said...

Hey, how was the hypocritical sandwich you had for lunch today?

Duke of Spook said...

I didn't say I was NEVER going to eat them again

Livers said...

Yeah, but to eat one on the very day you damn their campaign...FOR SHAME!

Duke of Spook said...

The post got me thinkin'. Lay off already.

highwaisted said...

glenn! are you going to akin tonight? i am going to spot you and give you a high five!

Duke of Spook said...

It's a possibility, although there is a friend's birthday celebration happening. But if I go high fives are definitely in order!

highwaisted said...

tubular! have a great weekend brother

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