August 18, 2009



Let's talk about Sunday for a second. Me, Liv and some good pals took the islands of Toronto for a day of relaxation and summer vibes. I bought a new cooler bag, six beers, six hot dogs, one bag of premium chips and a disposable grill for the occasion and all items teamed up to make for one great day. We started the festivities at the nude beach for a nice dip and some lakeside brews.

Liv was head of dong patrol and in this picture gives cheers to her favourite wiener of the day (not pictured)

Stein and Temple drink beer while a nude man in a sarong, which we all admitted we'd never seen before, discusses hunk sightings with a friend.

After baking like clay in the hot fireball sun, we took to the quiets of the island broads for a game of classic American style catch, and a hearty meal that feature the aforementioned hot dogs, as well as Mexican style corn, tomatoes and hamburgers. I guess we didn't bring enough food, because eventually we started eating bun tacos* featuring Diana Sauce and ketchup. But it didn't matter. It was probably the most relaxed I've been in a long time and we all vehemently agreed that the day was a success, capped off by a round of enthusiastic high fives outside of Union Station.

At night I was really hot and tired.

I'm really glad I was able to make use of the nicest weekend in forever by enjoying mother nature's huge summer boobs and surrounding myself with my friends who rule.

But it's too hot out. Way too hot.

* A "bun taco" is a folded half of a bun filled with whatever sauce is on hand.


highwaisted said...

hahahahaha bun tacos! love that. i would never eat one though, i would need a kraft single in there at least!

Duke of Spook said...

Now that the idea is in your head and you're starving one day, I'm sure you'll succumb, no cheese needed

Anonymous said...

I am very bitter about having to clean out our mouldy basement storage room instead of fun in the sun.
when I am 80 and on my death bed, I will still be bitter.

But Turner and I got to be pampered like little kids and go swimming at his parents pool while they fed us.

Whats on the agenda this weekend ol duke?

Duke of Spook said...

wedding weekend speirs! You're going, right?

highwaisted said...

i'll keep you posted and try to document it if possible.

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