August 28, 2009


Hey locals - doesn't this week's weather remind you of the first day of school? A crisp, breezy coolness and a sense of dread.

Not everyone finds it dreadful. I actually kind of liked the first day of school throughout my collegiate career because I'm a fan of transition seasons with their mid-range temperatures, and also because I associate autumn with turkey dinners and new sports on TV. Also, school was always so easy at the beginning - the first month was generally spent making colourful signs with your name on it and talking about what was going to happen the rest of the year.

The Dangle brothers on the first day of school, Sept. '06. Older brother Paul bet his dad that he could convince little Bill to bring his lunch to school in an art cone. Here, Paul shows off his winnings while little Bill stands oblivious to the taunting and beatings he's about to receive.

Unlike most of you wasteoids, I actually remember my very first day of school. I went in all shy and watched as this kid asked the teacher, "what do I do with my snack?" which I believe was an apple. My mom didn't pack me a snack so I freaked out. This might explain the anxiety I've felt on subsequent first days of school and new situations.

On the first day in grade 1 I remember I somehow got first pick of toys and was like "this year's gonna be different, I got this". I picked plasticine because my family was into playdough so I guess I found it exotic - what a mistake. I watched in envy the children after me picked "computer", "water table" and "finger painting" while my plasticine quickly lost its pizazz after I realized it's just playdough with a different level of pliability.

The only thing I remember about the first day of high school was that every male looked like a mean older brother, every girl had breasts and they all seemed to drive cars.

This post probably would've been more suitable in a few weeks when I actually go back to school, but once I started I couldn't stop. Plus I'm sure my adult school won't nearly be as interesting as kids school because I won't get to pick an activity and I won't be on the lookout for a girl to have a crush on.

It's Friday, let's eat!


Anonymous said...

What a hoot! I'm sure your mom has felt guilty for not sending that important first snack!!Let the weekend begin.

highwaisted said...

you're going back to school??? tell me more!

Duke of Spook said...

Remember? I'm going to Humber for a creative advertising class

highwaisted said...

you did it?! you signed up?! nice work dude! niiiiice work!

highwaisted said...

you did it?! you signed up?! nice work dude! niiiiice work!

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