August 14, 2009


Yesterday morning I was playing tennis with this guy Stein and I was losing pretty bad until this group of three little kids started cheering for me and dancing every time I won a point. I don't know why they chose me, Stein is a fine looking man who knows his tennis, but I'll take it - the approval of a bunch of sub six year olds is approval nonetheless.

I bounced back to win a shortened 2nd set thanks to their enthusiasm and had a conversation with them post match. It was kind of sad though. The oldest kid was like "I have a tennis racquet, but it's burnt". It turns out their house burned down or something. Then they told me a I had a cool bike and I told them to "stay out of trouble and keep practicing" because I'm a responsible adult. Sometimes I forget that. Like when a kid will be saying something or doing something to me and the parent is like "don't bother that man" and I'm like "I'm no man...oh wait, yeah".

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The other day I changed my phone plan up, and because I'm a real Scrooge I don't have caller ID anymore, meaning no more phone call screening for me. I don't like phone talking, which I think started in grade 6 when girls started calling me all of a sudden. Before that my only calls were to male friends and most conversations went:
"wanna come over"
"see yeah"

Girls would keep you on the line for hours and say so much without saying anything. I remember just giving a bunch of "yeahs" and "uh huhs" while my ear got hotter and hotter.

I only got my first cell phone a year ago and I've been enjoying just fine, although I don't like how it takes up valuable pocket real estate. I like to keep my pockets open just in case of emergency, which is why I have so many change related issues. waaaaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Hey where's today's blog?

Duke of Spook said...

I usually take weekends off. I'll whip up something for you today thought. Special treat.

Anonymous said...

You are so cool, Duke of Spook-thanks!!

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