August 4, 2009


Last summer I ran a couple times a week in order to ensure my golden tanned skinned had some nice muscles underneath to compliment it. I haven't done that this year so I'm not as fit as I once was. This past long weekend I hauled ass so bad, so I'm a very fatigued twenty something. Because I accomplished so much, I don't want to bore you with the minute details. Instead I'll seduce you with the bare minimum -

I helped my friends move on Saturday morning and then rode my bike around all day before going to Comedy Bar for a superb benefit show.

Sunday I played tennis, rode around some more, ate fish and chips, and drank some beers outside, with some friends and some people I didn't know.

Monday I saw Funny People then went to Mississauga and ate thick hamburgers.

Here's a special treat that I made last night, based on an old joke that Brendan reminded me off the other day. Making dreams a reality is a past time of mine. <------- that's a quote from Tommy Lasorda's autobiography, "Tommy Lasorda - Baseball's Rodney Dangerfield".

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