August 31, 2009


I'm back!

First, I traveled 20 years into the future. Our future Prime Minister is a cocky 21 year old named Han Troop - he's a Liberal who gets things done. Anyway, then I went BACK in time to 1998, taught my past self about girls, then went FORWARD to this past weekend, had some experiences, then BACK again to 2005, grabbed a Snapple and went to an Internet Cafe where I'm writing this. I have it scheduled to post at exactly 5:00 am on September 31st, 2009. I'll spare you all my adventure stories and just talk about that weekend that I experienced.

On the weekend I watched a bunch of the critically acclaimed "The Sopranos", the TV show whose logo uses a gun for the letter "r" - great graphic design AND storytelling! I'm on season 2. If you see me in a deli don't ruin anything for me or I'll have your toilet broken by this guy I know who breaks toilets by peeing weird into them.

On Saturday I tried to go shopping for some stuff and against all odds I ALMOST bought a new coat. But the colour was blah blah, so I passed. We also saw that movie "IN THE LOOP" which was a laughy piece that really ruled.

Whence night fell, my friend Brendan threw a BBQ in honour of his 27th year and this guy Eddie made a pork feast that really captured pig magic. I also drank a 40oz, which I haven't had in a while laughed the night away at various rated R stories from my friends.

Sunday I played tennis and went to Sunday Night Live for an industry showcase best of show. Those guys are good guys and there was free beer and bacon-centric "orr derves". Take THAT French language.

On the subway we saw this guy immersed in a novel and he was wearing a "Great Gatsby" t-shirt that looked like this:
Only this guy wasn't a hip dude like the hairless armed guy up there. Even if he was I think that shirt is pretty bad. That's the kind of shirt that ONLY a fat party animal should wear in the most ironic way possible. Otherwise you just look like a snooty mule. You might was well be wearing a shirt that says "I read books". It would be a lot better if it were just the art and not the words. I'd be okay with that. And what I says matters because I'm a part of this puzzle we call "society" and I'll more than allowed to. Han Troop taught me that over Pancetta Whoopers at a Burger King Express. Never heard of them? Come 2029 you will.


highwaisted said...

pancetta whoppers! great idea!

damn it im so behind in your blog! soo much reading to do!

Blogger said...

Anyone here wants a FREE BURGER KING GIFTCARD?

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